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    1. It's impossible to say without box opening. Just try with the image and see if it's working...
    2. Download .zip file (you don't need .tar at the moment). Put it on SD card (do not extract zip file). Insert SD card into box. Put box into recovery mode using toothpick method (google for toothpick method if you're not familiar with the procedure). Choose "Update from EXT", select zip file from SD card. Wait. Reboot box.

    Many thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try and let you know the outcome.

    Thanks once again
    You're a star, the update worked perfectly and I now have LibreElec on my device :D
    The only issue I have now is that four of my remote button functions are transposed (volume up / down mapped to Home / submenu, rather than the other way round). Other than that it works like a dream.

    Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

    before you spend any money on buying kit, I suggest that you connect your device via ethernet (you'll obviously have to move the device temporarily nearer your router) and try using it at the time of day it normally buffers. If it works OK then you know the issue is your WiFi signal, but if it still buffers then you know the problem is elsewhere (and running ethernet to your device won't cure the problem).

    If using ethernet cures your problem then I would suggest running a cable from your router to your device if possible.

    If you can't run an ethernet cable to you device, the next best option would be to use power adaptors. I've used powerline adaptors before without any problems (just keep in mind the basic rules for using these - directly into the mains socket (not into a power extension) and make sure your two adaptors are connected via the same fuse box).
    I'm currently running powerline adaptors in my house (not for Kodi, but to host an additional WiFi hotspot) and the speeds back to the internet are great. So if you can't get ethernet to your device where it is, I would suggest this as an alternative.

    Hope this helps

    It's very easy! Image is here:


    But only for original Acemax M8S. (There's plenty of fake M8Ss on the market)

    Thanks dankec, much appreciated.

    I would like to try to use this, but I have a couple of questions:
    1. You're saying that this is only for an original Acemax M8S - how can I tell if mine is original?
    2. Looking at the link you gave, the .tar file contains files, folders, etc. How to I install using these? I've normally written boot images to the SD card, booted from it and installed from there. So I'm assuming I have to use the files in your link a different way?

    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    Consider use the search option in this forum. Just search for S812 and you can find a lot of information.


    Thanks for the useful suggestion of searching before I ask questions.... :rolleyes:

    I have already searched the forum and could not find anything suitable, hence me posting the question.... :)

    The link in your response refers to a MIII plus, which isn't the model I have (I have M8S). Therefore I discounted it when originally searching.
    However, one of the posts in the thread (#38) suggests that it may work with a M8S, but only if booted from SD card or USB drive, and isn't installed in the internal memory of the device.
    Have I read this right, or is there a way of installing it so the device boots into LibreExec from its internal ROM, rather than via SD / USB?

    Actually, I have just tried using the method in the above thread and get a constant rebooting (after the chipset splashscreen, also experienced by other in the thread) so I can't even install it to find out if it's SD/USB only or can be installed internally.

    So my original two questions still stand, if any one can help please?


    So can someone please:
    1. Point me in the direction of the correct ROM for my unit (M8S with S812 Chipset)
    2. Tell me how I can successfully write the image to the SD card and successfully boot from it to install onto my unit


    Can someone please point me in the right direction? I have a M8S box with a S812 CPU (as reported by CPU-Z).

    I am trying to load the awesome LibreElec onto the device but I'm having difficulty getting the device to boot from the SD card to install LibreElec.

    I originally tried the S802 Image (as I was told by the supplier that was the chipset) but when I use the toothpick method it just boots to the stock Android recovery menu. So I'm assuming the SD card isn't bootable.
    I have tried writing the Image (from here ) with the Ubuntu builtin imaging program; and with WIN32 Disk Imager on a Windows Laptop, but neither method results in a bootable SD card. BTW I have used WIN32 Disk Imager to write the original stock ROM to the card and it boots fine, so I'm assuming it's something to do with the writing of the LibreElec image that's the problem.

    So can someone please:
    1. Point me in the direction of the correct ROM for my unit (M8S with S812 Chipset)
    2. Tell me how I can successfully write the image to the SD card and successfully boot from it to install onto my unit

    I already use LibreElec on a RPi and think it's fantastic - so I'm wanting to use the same on this unit as well.

    Many thanks in advance.