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    I think I found a fix.. I added the code below to the advancedsettings.xml and its working much better.

    1. <advancedsettings>
    2.     <pvr>
    3.         <minvideocachelevel>25</minvideocachelevel>
    4.         <minaudiocachelevel>25</minaudiocachelevel>
    5.     </pvr>
    6. </advancedsettings>

    That's amazing consider that those cmds were removed

    • <minvideocachelevel>, <minaudiocachelevel>, and <cacheindvdplayer> have been removed in v17.

    advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki

    Please try an updated version 8.2.106a.

    Still doesn't start

    This is more related to this thread Moonlight Addon Amlogic but when i install the addon with this build i get this

    I have been using the Netflix addon, but did a clean install for this new version. Now I can't find the link on how I installed it before. I made a video showing how it looks, but I did not put any information in the description. can someone point me to the right post on how to install Netfix and Amazon addons. Guess old age is catching up to me. I have poring over this thread for hours but can't find the instructions. Part of the instructions was to use Putty to run a command, from what I remember.


    Instructions are on the github release page Releases · amillogical/ · GitHub

    Netflix/Amazon Prime VOD Support

    Run the following:

    curl -Ls | bash

    Then install one of the following addons:

    Netflix addon or install netflix repository from "LibreELEC Addon" repository, and install "netflix" from the netflix repository.

    Amazon Prime VOD addon

    What happens if you install S805 addon on S905?

    Same error message

    1. Could not initialize SDL - SDL not built with video support
    2. Moonlight Embedded 2.2.2 (SDL;EMBEDDED;PULSE;CEC;AML)
    3. Connect to
    4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GFE (protocol version 7)

    Just for info, the addon seems to only work for RPi atm - all other platforms are broken.

    Nobody has the required HW to test it (iirc) and/or the skill to fix it.

    Cheers for this i'l stop driving myself crazy testing with every new build now lol strange that the guy up there said it works on his S805 box and not his S905 one

    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue. I will prepare some builds with reverts to test for you tomorrow.

    Cheers. I've been doing some testing too if i turn off Fast channel switching in the mediaportal settings it seems to help a little or maybe it's just a placebo but it does say Warning: Enabling this option will probably break SD<->HD channel swithing and switching to channels with different audio/video streams and codecs. Detection of the new streams at the Kodi side may fail because the PVR addon does not know exactly where the beginning of the new channel is inside the timeshift buffer file. in the settings page for it MediaPortal TV-Server - Official Kodi Wiki but as it worked in previous builds i doubt that it's the problem