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    I have two models of the remote. One uses a CR2032 coin battery and the other uses two AAAs. Both are good, but the CR2032 model is weighted (I actually disassembled it to see) and feels more substantial in the hand, despite being about 5mm thinner. I suspect (but haven't verified) the AAA model is classic Bluetooth, and the CR2032 Bluetooth Low Energy (which would explain the battery differences).

    Overall though, they can't be beaten for the price. Clickiness, size, feel and response time are fabulous and far better than what you'd normally expect for a $10 remote. Wrxtasy deserves great credit for getting these working. I bought several about this time last year and held onto them—despite no proper support or ability to use them—because I knew eventually that others would see the quality and want to get them working with LibreELEC.

    I've bought two different versions of it (the BLE one uses a CR2302 coin battery, the standard uses two AAs), and neither works with my Odroid C2. There's something wrong or missing in the 905 builds preventing its usage, because they work perfectly on every other OS I've tried, and even on Raspberry Pi builds of LibreELEC.

    I've tried just about everything, but once paired the remotes get ignored and no information is passed into the logs that can help figure out what the problem is (not even keypresses).

    My hope is that a kernel update past 3.14 will make a difference, but I'm not holding out hope, as Android and Ubuntu for the C2 are both still on 3.14, and the remotes work fine there. This seems to be an LE problem, and I don't have the programming chops to take it on.

    Bluetooth driver is not starting correctly. Checked Lakka directly for s905/x and its not loading correctly. I am still confused on how Amlogic kernel is actually the issue since Android has no issues what so ever.

    I'm wondering if this is related to my own issues with trying to get a particular Bluetooth LE remote working with my Odroid C2. It registers as a keyboard and works as expected in the Raspberry PI version of LibreELEC, as well as C2 builds of Android and Ubuntu (which AFAIK, use the same 3.14 kernel as LE). Just, for some odd reason, not in any of the C2 builds of LibreELEC. It pairs, but all button presses are ignored (and not even registered in logs). I wholly believe there's something going on in LE that's interfering.

    What's different between potential drivers in builds? I'm curious because the Odroid C2 builds (literally, every one I've tried) seems to be missing necessary drivers for my bluetooth remote (which actually just pairs as a keyboard and sends keyboard commands).

    C2 builds of Ubuntu and Android see it and use it just fine. As do Raspberry Pi builds of LibreELEC. It seems just about everything I throw at this bluetooth remote can take it, except the exact Media Centre software for the exact platform I chose. It pairs, but buttons don't do a thing. It's a bit frustrating.

    You could have also used the built-in Backup & Restore tool in the LibreELEC Settings addon.
    Then simply install a fresh copy of LE, and restore the backup. That would have made much less mess with resizing.

    Of course I could've done that, but I assumed that upgrading 7->8 would at least check for unused space and/or do something about it. Plus, it was a relatively fresh install of 7 (only a week in use) and cruft levels would be at such a level that a wipe and restore wasn't really necessary.

    I actually have 3 RPis and don't know why I didn't think of that. :/ Still, good to have another method if things go south.

    So, when I upgraded to 8.0.0, I backed up my old LibreELEC 7 MicroSD card (using dd) and restored (again using dd) to a newer, faster card. I then performed the upgrade on the newer card. The problem is, the old card was 8GB and the new one 16GB. How do I resize the partition to include the new space? I've tried the method listed here: thread-650-post-4884.html#pid4884

    But that appears to have done nothing. Has this changed in LE8?

    A repost of sorts from another site. When I bought my first C2 back in the fall, I also bought some XiaoMi MiTV bluetooth remotes. I have not been able to get them to work with any of the 3 different LE builds I've tried—Wrxtasy's branch, the LE 8 Community and the official 8 Preview Builds. They will pair with the remote, but absolutely nothing happens. It won't move a budge on screen. No buttons respond.

    I have determined that it's not the outdated kernel—Android and Ubuntu Mate for C2 share the same kernel and the remote pairs and works (it registers as a HID keyboard).
    I have also determined that it's not LE in general, as the same remote pairs and works just fine on LE for RPi.

    On the machines where it works, it registers as a generic HID keyboard. It's initially visible on bluetooth scans with Chinese characters (or boxes on LE), and then registers its name in English (Xiaomi RC) after pairing is complete. All but two buttons work, and that's just a matter of mapping (Home and Menu).

    On Odroid LE builds, it's visible in bluetooth scans and pairs (I receive the confirmation beep from the remote), but nothing.

    There's zero mention of the Xiaomi remote being identified as an input device in dmesg. The Logitech keyboard however, shows up in dmesg just as it should.

    So either Odroid C2 LE builds are missing a patch or driver that Ubuntu and Android have, or there's something breaking what makes it work on every other system I've tried (Raspbian/Pixel, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, MacOS, LibreELEC RPi).

    NOTE: I've tried with two different USB Bluetooth adapters with two different chipsets (Broadcom and Cambridge Silicon); it makes no difference. Both work fine with the remote with other OSes. I've deduced that it is strictly something with the Odroid C2 builds of LibreELEC.

    Even more annoying, Odroid C2 LE builds work just fine with a Logitech (English) Bluetooth Keyboard.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    So, I have now switched dongles to a BRCM20702A0 chip model, and am still having the same problem. This remote will not connect with LibreElec, but will connect with my iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and even Android and Ubuntu without a problem. Is it because it's a chinese remote? Is it an issue with Bluetooth LE on LibreElec? I don't know what is going on!

    Unfortunately, nothing seems to be changing. The CSR 4.0/CSR8510 A10 dongle seems to be the one most often recommended for this h/w (Odroid C2), and I've tested this remote on both Android and Ubuntu on the same machine and they work just fine. LibreELEC seems to be balking at it. I'm running the October version of LE 7

    The funny thing is, support for the switching of this dongle popped up about 3 years ago when many people were having the exact opposite issue (the dongle booting in HID when they want HCI), and so the "csr2" method to fix that and was created and disseminated amongst the various linuxes. Obviously, LE has csr2, so it *should* support the dongle, right? So, I'm not sure what I can do here.

    KodiLivingRoom:~ # lsusbBus 001 Device 006: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)...

    ...and in /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/97-hid2hci.rules :

    ATTR{idVendor}=="0a12", ATTR{idProduct}=="0001", RUN+="hid2hci --mode=hid --method=csr2 --devpath=%p"

    But it's not changing. Anyone else having this issue? Or is this likely an LE-on-Odroid-C2 thing?


    I have a bluetooth remote that I want to use with my CSR8510 A10 based dongle. Unfortunately the remote uses HID mode, but the dongle starts up in HCI mode.

    I'm having issues using using HID2HCI to switch it back to HID mode, as I'm trying to figure out exactly what I need to enter into the --devpath option. All of the methods I've seen for discovering the proper /sys path on other linuxes seem to be lacking on LibreELEC. So does anyone know how exactly I can go about this?