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    i have a harmony hub, pretty sure runs on same sw, I was able to add all of my TV boxes as the actual devices (ie. Beelink MiniMX) and add Bluetooth keyboard in harmony sw. All runs great. I just use Kore android app if I need some special kodi command.

    Tnx again guys LE 4 life!

    GDPR-2 I am serious about donating a mirror or anything you can use a Linux server for, lol not donating an actual whole server but server access obviously, so if you or your guys can use for something let me know, and let me know what packages you need installed and setup and I will make it happen.

    does anyone have a link to the previous release .5? I swore I had them all archived on my in house server but I don't and .6 killed my main boxes and don't feel like restoring them all back to android and running off SD.

    4k only runs @ 24fps in dash and when you go to play video it crashes anyway.

    No more installtointernal hurts bad, i dont understand why not just keep, i mean all the appropriate warnings are ther and it says its not recommened. So why not keep it for advanced users and just not officially support it.

    I promise I am not complaining and although I am not an active forum poster I have followed LE Amlogic dev from the very beginning and contribute when I can to the devs. You guys have really been on top of the game with the resources you have. Part of me didn't even want to post because it's the same with all sw dev, anytime a major change happens everyone gets mad and complaints pile up.

    But I would love to have access to .5 build, I would be willing to run a mirror/public or private archive or any thing to help this project. I have a private owned Linux server on a GB fiber line.

    Feel free to pm me you can send it over anyway links ftp whatever.

    Anyone getting very high temps on A95X/S905x Devices? I just got an unboxed, installed 8.0.0d to internal. It was running in the 150s not even playing a video just idle LibreELEC, my MiniMX also runs a bit hot but not like this. Like I said this device is brand new and I was just wondering its not necessarily a "Big Deal" for me. Just wanted to see if this was the "Norm"
    Either way kszaq and LibreELEC rock! Always Do!

    My box freezes when cleaning the library, not an issue for me, anyone else?
    ***Edit*** Shouldn't say freeze, but the gui locks up you cant do anything to get out of the Cleaning Library Window, sound still works, and ssh works.
    LibreELEC (community) Version: 7.90.beta1-temp_sensor_disabled
    LibreELEC git: 869b1877659a52fb98a8d02b2d0b41d1d4b088a9

    No big deal from me just thought it may be a bug, and reporting.

    Has anyone had no HDMI audio device on the m8s BCM with LE 8? Obviously accompanied with no audio.

    1. :~ # aplay --list-devices
    2. **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
    3. card 0: AMLM8AUDIO [AML-M8AUDIO], device 0: AML PCM dummy_codec-0
    4.   Subdevices: 1/1
    5.   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    6. card 0: AMLM8AUDIO [AML-M8AUDIO], device 1: SPDIF PCM dit-hifi-1
    7.   Subdevices: 1/1
    8.   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0


    check PM

    You had a totally different version of the M8S there are 2 major versions on has AP wifi the other BCM, an image (ROM) from one may install (work kinda) on the other, but usually with major issues because the board is different.

    Update with issue, so I tried flashing v7 over v8 to see if audio worked it still did not.
    So I reverted back to full stock, then install v7 and its working fine now.
    I will try v8 again when I have some more time, just wanted to share if anyone else has same issue.

    1. rm /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.libreelec.settings/settings.xml

    Wasn't the exact command but it had enough of the info I needed thanks. It was...

    1. rm ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.libreelec.settings/oe_settings.xml

    And I rebooted from SSH it froze up but just pulling the power restart and all better for anyone stuck in same boat in the future.

    Thanks again bud

    Can i hard reset from ssh, if so how.
    Reason being I upgraded to LibreELEC-S905.aarch64- everything was fine.
    But I went into the LibreELEC settings and changed the upgrade channel to 8 by mistake now everything under the LibreELEC settings tab is inaccessible (see photo).
    Any help would be appreciated.