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    • instructions say " If internal memory of your box is not visible, try a device tree with _nand suffix.". I don't see internal memory in Libreelec system info (just USB system and storage partitions). That means I should use the "nand" one?
    • if so, how I can I revert my box to original state, as I'm not able to make another USB installation with a new dtb.img?
      (right now, with a new fresh USB memory, I get "*** Error in mount_flash: mount_common: Could not mount LABEL=LIBREELEC ***)


    Tested b4 in my M8 (square box).
    Everything seems to be working well, all but DTS and Dolby that insist been converted to PCM 7.1 thought HDMI.

    Something wrong with my settings (analog, pass through, all compatibility modes on)?
    Choosing HDMI

    Again, great build!!!

    BTW, suspend seems to be working very well.

    Wow that was fast, thank you. I tried it on my 2x M8 boxes. Updated from OpenELEC 6.0.3 via SMB into NAND without any problems. Had problem with MAC addressees on OpenELEC (both boxes had the same MAC) now everything is fine. Connected with my MySQL database, all fine. Thank you so much!

    I have OE 6.0.3 from codesnake.
    Was yours the same?
    How did you update? Did you copy it to UPDATE folder and normal reboot to update?

    Thanks in advance