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    • use standard advancedsettings.xml from LE (includes 175ms audio delay for ~24fps videos)

    Do we need the above .xml that was added in the latest release?
    I usually don't notice audio synch issues but the other day I was watching an action movie with multichannel AAC audio and the gun shots were certainly out of sync :)

    I'm still getting juddery playback on 60fps videos with these Krypton builds which playback totally fine on Jarvis. I'm watching a video now between the 2 builds which is actually 59.940fps and completely smooth on Jarvis and as soon as I flash to Krypton becomes really juddery. Could that be connected to the fractional frame rate issue? I can provide a sample video if needed but it's quite large and ripped from Youtube.

    I tested your sample file with Jarvis .012g and you are right: there is almost no judder (perhaps a "hiccup" or two) and the picture seems more crisp.

    I think I'll switch back to Jarvis...

    I downloaded that YouTube link and no issue on S905 device, the file is AVC/[email protected]

    I downloaded the file with youtube-dl and this is the media info:

    ID : 1
    Format : VP9
    Codec ID : V_VP9
    Duration : 15 min 12 s
    Width : 1 920 pixels
    Height : 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 16:9
    Frame rate mode : Constant
    Frame rate : 59.940 FPS
    Language : English
    Default : Yes
    Forced : No
    DURATION : 00:15:12.244000000

    Sorry folks, NO PASSTHROUGH WITH LIVETV on Krypton. It's by design. The devs are aware that people are upset, they claim it will not be added going forward.

    My box is a strange beast then. Passthrough works with Beta6 (didn't work with Beta5) :)


    Has anyone noticed a considerably brighter picture with Beta6? I think black levels changed somehow.

    However...I've tried passthrough audio on Live TV on beta6 and it doesn't work for me - my receiver still reports it's receiving PCM. I checked the audio options while tuned to a channel broadcasting DD 5.1 and the "Enable passthru" checkbox was enabled. Disabling it (and re-enabling it) made no difference. Not sure if there are any other settings anywhere that need changing but for me it doesn't work.

    Debug log at GeFJ

    Passthrough works for me. We have only one channel with DD2.0 audio (none with 5.1, unfortunately) and LE sends DD to my AVR.
    Perhaps the problem appears with DD5.1 only.

    I use the latest version of TVHeadend from LE's repo. Here's my log for comparison: DTV_AC3 -

    I've got only two problem , i can't edit menu , for example in skin setting under Movies/Categories , in android app i can edit categories to add new menu.
    I can shut off , but ican't wake , i need to make manually ....

    The default skin (Estuary) doesn't allow such modification. You should try other skins if you want to add categories or learn how to use video nodes in Estuary.

    I love this one , just a little question , i can shut off via menu power , but how do you restart ?
    I nedd to unplug power and plug in to restart or can i let him on for a long time ?

    If you can't turn the box on and off with the remote, you probably have the wrong remote.conf file.
    I don't see any problem with leaving the box on all the time. It just needs a reboot now and then to clear the memory.

    Is there anybody else having the issue that shutdown actually restarts the box with Beta5 running from SD?
    Is this expected (know bug as suspended) or should I open a bug for it?
    Thank you!

    Nope, it is not expected. Mine shuts down when told to do so :P
    I don't remember anyone else mention this problem.

    My files from NAS play OK. I see this "bug" when I play Youtube playlists.
    I thought it was a Youtube problem (one of many).