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    I have a similar problem: often time and date reset to 1-1-2015/2:00 (I assume time is GMT+2, my time zone).

    Network is already set as Mario77 advised and "wait for network" is enabled. I use a wired powerline connection.

    In further testing, I could get noisy crackling output from all speakers with the "I am Legend" trailer linked above on my S905X. It happend about 1 in 6 times.

    None of my own files (tested 30+ files) triggered the noise, and I repeatedly tried with the "Simpsons Movie" trailer from the same site above, and also got no noise (started at least 15 times).

    Consider yourself lucky :)

    I see you're running 8.0.0c. I'll upgrade from "b" in case something changed and made the noise less frequent.

    First of all, thank you for the extensive testing :)

    I'd say one out of 7 plays is about right. Some files (like the samples in the OP) are worst than others. I haven't noticed any frame loss.
    I think the distortion is more frequent when there is music playing.

    I had volume amplification enabled (level 12) in the Audio & Subtitles Settings. I turned it off now, in case it causes distortion.

    Edit: nope, that didn't help.

    I just put up with the noise stopping and starting til it goes away. It's almost like an inserted noise that starts during the digital to analogue pcm conversion randomly for some reason. All other passthrough formats work flawlessly.

    Do have noise\distortion in 720p videos? Seems like the box is struggling with simultaneous 1080p and multuchannel AAC decoding.

    I connected my S905x box to my avr yesterday and tried to reproduce the issue. Passthrough was enabled and I tested multiple different files with 5.1, 7.1 and 2.0 sac.

    I did not have any crackling or white noise.

    Have you tasted the trailers in the OP?
    Those cause problems to me almost half the times I play them.

    Thanks for the info.

    It's a strange problem, indeed. You may start a movie and all will be well for 15-20 minutes and then the crackling begins. Other times the video starts with high distortion in all channels (white noise) and with a simple stop\play the problem goes away.

    I really can't remember whether I had this problem with Jarvis or not. I'll see if I have a spare microSD card for testing.

    I had similar experience on both S905 and S905X boxes, especially when open the setting pages, e.g. LibreELEC. I don't know whether it's the skin or the box is to be blamed.

    The skin runs fine on my laptop (i3 5005 CPU).
    All those dependencies you see in the skin's forum page slow it down when running on our boxes.

    If you are running 8.0.0c you can try driving mali at a bit higher frequency

    I don't think is a GPU problem. Even the simpler transitions (for example, from settings main screen to the interface settings screen) take 3-4 seconds.

    The skin is overloaded with features and our boxes struggle with it. Good looking but not really usable in low-powered devices.

    Device: Cooleme MB1 (S905X - 2GB/8GB)
    Build: kszaq's LE version 8.0.0b
    Set-up: TV box connected via HDMI to Onkyo TX-SR508 AVR

    Symptoms: when playing video files with AAC 5.1 audio, I get crackling noises from the rear speakers. Sometimes I get white noise from all speakers.
    It happens mainly with 1080p/23.976fps files. I had this problem with most Krypton releases (maybe with Jarvis as well but I can't be certain). All other audio formats work perfectly.

    Audio passthrough is enabled, using ALSA HDMI audio output.
    DSP processing is off

    Samples files: The "I Am Legend" trailers from this page: H.264 Demo Clips |
    You may need to play the video a few times for the problem to appear.

    I have problems accessing my SMB shares through Videos>Files. I get a "Couldn't connect to network server" error message.

    The files are on a PC running Windows10 and my box is connected to my router with a Powerline adapter. I can watch my videos from the library without problems, it's only the Videos>Files section that is inaccessible. As a result, I can't add\modify sources.

    I'm running ver. 8.0.0b. I didn't have such problems with previous versions of LE.

    Log: TZXQRhuV