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    Why resort to tricks to make a Pi3 work with HEVC "pretty well" when you can get an Ordroid C2 or a Wetek and have everything working out-of-the box?

    Unless there is a big difference in picture quality, I see no reason to get a Pi now.

    yes this this already known, this will be reduced soonish (due multible ppl involved with different time-windows we need to get the ball rolling - even a bit unfinished) - the current style is basically the default wbb style with changed colors

    Thanks for fixing this. The forum looks much better now :)

    Do you mean that, when you click on "Peripherals", the list of devices is empty?

    Simple as your LE setup is obviously configured to set display rate the same as the video frame rate (recommended setting). Easy to rectify and a one off operatioon. Just go through all the refresh rates for your chosen resolution and calibrate your box to the TV screen for each and every refresh rate. There are several of them with KODI 17 as we now have all the fractional rates too. I of course also had that problem y ou mention but of course now it is fixed. If you decide to use a different resolution liek changing from 1080i to 1080p then you will need to do the same again as I understand it but I just stick to 1080p on my FHD 5 year old Samsung Series 7.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of the same solution but, as it is time-consuming and I'll be using the old LG for a couple of more days only, I didn't set up all the frame-rates.

    I don't know if we can call it a bug. I understand it has something to do with the communication between the box and the TV. Perhaps old TVs don't give complete EDID information.

    I also noticed this issue on my MXQ Pro S905 running LE 8.0.1x (where x=a, .., k) but never bother with it because I use an HDMI2AV dongle with an old analog TV and thought this had something to do with the dongle. Also, I noticed screen spills differ from one stream to the other.

    I too saw this when I moved my box from my new-ish Panasonic TV to an old LG: I run the OSD at 50hz and set the screen borders for that refresh rate. When I play 50Hz videos, everything is displayed properly but when I play something with frame rate other than 50Hz, half the OSD buttons are not visible.

    On my lowly laptop (i3-5005U/Intel Graphics 5500/Win10 64bit/Kodi 17.1) and out of 4 plays, 2 were perfect and the other two dropped 2-3 frames long before the subtitles appeared. The subtitles didn't seem to cause frame drops.

    With LE 8.0.1f there are dropped frames just before the subtitles for the alien language appear. These are actually "burned-in", the PGS subtitle stream in the sample is for the English dialogue only.

    I'm running LE from a 16GB SD card. I have an extensive collection (more than 400 movies, about 4500 episodes and 220 music albums).
    Currently the free storage space on the card is 11GB.

    An 8GB card is more than enough for most users.

    Maybe a little misunderstanding. I think the problem is not transferring PCM data over HDMI, but converting none Passthrough formats to PCM. like flac, acc, etc.. :idea:

    I played 5.1 FLACs and AACs with the early 8.0.1c release. The only problem I found is that the FLACs play as 2.0, not 5.1 even though Kodi recognize them as 5.1 files.

    Interestingly, my AVR shows that the input signal is 192kHz. I thought the S905X was limited to 96kHz.

    If you have channel settings set to 2.0, you get AC3 (stereo) passthrough, if you set channels to 5.1 or 7.1 then nada. :dodgy:

    I have a 5.1 system and my AVR reports multicahnnel (7.1) PCM
    My settings are 5.1 channels and "Best match" output configuration. Audio passthrough is enabled, of course.