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    In an effort to get PCSX2 running on LibreELEC I built a 32 bit version of my own tree and packaged up the latest PCSX2 from git and it's dependencies. Everything works and I can start PCSX2, but it can't find any plugins, even though it's looking in the correct directory and the plugins are there. So close! Maybe I'll find a way to fix this, maybe not. The 32 bit image is uploaded in case anyone wants to play with it.

    Just for my curiosity, theoretically, will this be possible to have also in the 64 bit LE8 Extended version?

    I am able to with a SNES30 with firmware updated to v2.69. I believe it configured automatically as well on newer versions. Though at some point I recall needing to set it up through settings: HOW-TO:Configure controllers - Official Kodi Wiki

    I didn't know about this Kodi "Input Configuration", I've setup my keys but the only that works is "Volume Down" when I move the right analog left.
    Not a big deal, I will keep using my smartphone as remote. Thanks anyway.

    Do you have enough space in the flash partition ? For troubleshooting this issue, you can try to install the latest official LibreElec/OpenElec and then upgrade to LE8 "Extended" (simple by moving the TAR file into "Update" folder).
    If you don't have enough space, the error will be clear when trying to update.

    I'm having some troubles configuring my gamepads (Bluetooth).
    I'm using "8Bitdo_Pro_NES30_BT(POWER).cfg" and "8Bitdo_Classic_NES30_BT(START).cfg" which both have configuration files.
    One of the issues is that Classic NES30 is detecting two keys whenever I press "A" button, I found a workaround for this, it works fine if I remove all the mappings from /tmp/autoconfig/udev/8Bitdo_Classic_NES30_BT(START).cfg
    This means Retroarch is not using "only" the above file to map the gamepad keys.

    My question is, from where is retroarch primarily taking the button mapping configurations ?
    The following directories are empty, there is no cfg files here:
    input_remapping_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/remappings"

    Also, would it be possible to install something like jstest script? To test/check the key numbers associated to joystick buttons?


    is it case-sensitive? storage-armazem.mount vs /storage/Armazem

    jaykass, thanks again for your help. I'm almost embarrassed of this last question :)
    Renaming the file to storage-Armazem.mount didn't work, but creating the folder /storage/armazem worked great.

    Almost everything set now, all emulators running great from NAS.
    Next step will be to figure out how to work with the controls (DS4 and 8bitdo).


    Are you able to mount shares ?

    If I run the command manually it works:

    mount -t cifs -o user=guest,pass= // /storage/Armazem

    But if I create the mounting file, it doesn't work:

    LibreELEC:~/.config/system.d # cat storage-armazem.mount
    Description=cifs mount script




    The pcsx_rearmed core is for ARM (i.e. RPi), you should be using mednafen psx. Again, post the logs :)

    Ok, I see.
    Regarding the logs, where can I find the relevant logs?

    But I've just noted that I don't have the following bios, which are mentioned in the info file ""

    LibreELEC:~/.config/emulationstation # find / -name scph5500.bin
    LibreELEC:~/.config/emulationstation # find / -name scph5501.bin
    LibreELEC:~/.config/emulationstation # find / -name scph5502.bin

    Will get the files and get back to you.

    jaykass, escalade, Thanks a lot.

    snes zip roms are now working fine, it was the rom issue, I just tried to zip the smc version and it worked.

    fba issue also solved, thanks a lot, if anyone is having the same issue, just run the following command:
    # sed -i -- 's/' /storage/.config/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

    Now I'm only missing PSX, I don't have the core you mentioned (, should I get it manually? I have these only
    ls -ltr /tmp/cores/*psx*so
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2340352 Sep 30 00:36 /tmp/cores/
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3018616 Sep 30 00:36 /tmp/cores/

    Is anybody else having issues running PSX from emulationstation?
    I've tried more than 10 different roms (cue files + bin), I have all the bios in 3 different places "roms/psx", "bios" and "bios/psx".

    Whenever I try to run a rom, I get a black screen.

    Processes running:
    1238 root 0:00 sh -c /usr/bin/retroarch.start -L /tmp/cores/ /storage/roms/psx/Mega\
    1239 root 0:00 {retroarch.start} /bin/sh /usr/bin/retroarch.start -L /tmp/cores/ /sto
    1243 root 0:45 /usr/bin/retroarch -L /tmp/cores/ /storage/roms/psx/Mega Man X4 (USA).

    Any suggestion ?
    None of the following files give useful information

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 56 Sep 30 17:19 emulationstation.log
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 392 Sep 30 17:29 retroarch.log

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to get accomplished the following stuff (some I have already workarounds, wish I'm also sharing).
    Can someone give me a hint ? Thanks in advance.

    - Why can't I start fba roms ?
    lvl2: Attempting to launch game...
    lvl2: /usr/bin/retroarch.start -L /tmp/cores/ /media/SDCARD/roms/fba/
    lvl1: ...launch terminated with nonzero exit code 256!

    - Some SNES also give the same error:
    Resolved, it seems that I can't run zipped roms

    - How to exit Dolphin ?

    - How to run Roms via SD card?
    Workaround - Create symbolic link to run Roms always from sdcard labeled SDCARD (Note that emulationstations will not boot without sdcard):
    # mv /storage/roms /storage/roms_BAK
    # ln -s /media/SDCARD/roms/ /storage/roms

    - How to keep scpraped images in SD card ?
    Workaround - create symbolic links
    # mv /storage/.config/emulationstation/downloaded_images/ /media/SDCARD/
    # mv /storage/.config/emulationstation/gamelists/ /media/SDCARD/
    # ln -s /media/SDCARD/gamelists/ /storage/.config/emulationstation/gamelists
    # ln -s /media/SDCARD/downloaded_images/ /storage/.config/emulationstation/downloaded_images

    Tried again a fresh install using image "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0-devel-20160928.img" with a new SD Card but I get the same message after reboot:

    ISOLINUX 4.01 debian-20100714 ETCD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found! boot: _


    Well, there you have it. Your /flash needs to be 512MB.

    Is there an easy/safe way to re-size ?