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    I also tried it on LibreELEC 8 that's running on a Raspberry Pi 3 via USB cable as well and it works fine!

    On the Rpi3, the controller is detected and works out of the box. The Xbox logo in the center is lit.

    On the Odroid C2, the controller is not detected and the Xbox logo is not lit! It does get power though, because when I click the logo it flashes for a while.

    When trying to play a video file, the video doesn't play. I see the seek time moving but there's no image or sound. The video file is old, it's an avi file of a 2000's show, VLC says the codec is MS MPEG-4 Video v2 (MP42). I'm using an ODROID-C2 device with LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.007 ALPHA. Below is the log when I open the file:

    I was watching a stream using the Twitch addon, and my ODROID-C2 froze sereval times. The sound starts looping, the image freezes and the ssh connection does not respond anymore. I enabled the debug log and it spams this message: "DEBUG: CVideoPlayerVideo::CalcDropRequirement - hurry: 1". The stream is [email protected] 8 bit h264, which, based on the specs, should be handled fine.

    Does anyone have issues of this kind?