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    Finaly I succeed to write the image

    This time, I first started SD creator and then I have inserted the SDcard in the reader slot.

    I closed the file manager pop up and then pushed the write buton of the SD creator and it worked.

    So, may be there is a bug on my configuration but doing this solved the issue.

    This issue is SOLVED for me

    the microSd is formated fat32
    There is no write protect switch on Samsung 32Gb microSDHC EVO
    No problem to transfer big files such video from/to the microSd with the computer. As i said W7 reports 20MB/s transfer
    I already use 64GB microSDHC on this reader.
    May be there is a SW locking the reader but i see nothing special in the task manager

    When you got this message? When application starts or when writing to sd card?

    And I think this problem happen because some other application is using sd card at the same time and can't be exclusively locked by Creator. Check that.


    The message appear when I try to write the image.
    I see no obvious program using or locking the µSD card except may be Windows Explorer...
    I stopped Avast Antivirus file adgent but no change, the SD creator is still freezing when I push the write button


    I tried to create a µSD card for RPI3 under W7 and i got the following message from the USB-SD creator:
    {Une erreur est survenue lors du vérouillage du volume.Erreur 5: 捁⁳敲畦മ↡ⅺք谀ā"}
    message from SD creator: erreur: couldn't open k:\

    The only possibility is to kill the application.

    k:\ is obviously the drive number associated to the µSD card reader slot

    I dowloaded twice the SD creator in case of download corruption error (LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32.exe)
    I run the SD creator in admin mode
    I tried the image LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-7.0.2.img.gz

    config PC
    I3 2100
    8GB memory
    W7 64bits

    target µSD card 32GB EVO SAMSUNG

    No pb to read/write this SD card with W7 Explorer or in a Phone with Android
    read speed 20MB/s, Write speed 9MB/s

    Any idea ?