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    I have a small problem. Its not directly related to this build specifically, but since i just updated i thought i might as well post it here.

    Ever since i've been using your LibreElec builds i have had connection speed problems when my MxQ Pro 4K is connected via Ethernet.
    Live-TV (HD/High-Bitrate) constantly buffers, so does any HD/High-Bitrate movie.

    I already adjusted the videobuffer via advancedsettings.xml, but that only gets rid of the rebuffer-pausing, and instead shows the whole thing in slow-mo while buffering in the background.

    The Box negotiates 100MBit Full-Duplex, and if i copy something to the box via ethernet the speed is there. (Its maxing out the 5MB/s of the cheap SD-Card)
    Via WiFi everything works great! No problems with video or anything else.

    The CPU usage while using ethernet is also normal.

    It appears the speed via ethernet is only slow if the Box initiates the connection to the outside so to speak, which i don't understand.

    Any help would be appreciated ;)

    The new build seems to be working just fine though.

    Well apparently even the wifi reconnecting issues after suspend seem to be fixed (for some?!).
    Although i am not completely sure about the remote...
    The way i read envagyok's post here LibreELEC, he seems to be able to return from suspend via remote.

    The question i have is, which good alternative is there at the moment for the MiniMX's, cause those seem to be sold out everywhere locally here.