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    Since a couple of weeks and updating to the most recent nightlies now and then, flickering occurs whenever OSD (info or menu or up next) is shown and interlacing is enabled and used (when a SD channel is played by pvr.hts). You can see it happen in this video: Attached is a debug log, at the end I enabled debug and played a bit with OSD (pressing info a couple of times during SD channel play). Unfortunately I don't know since when this happens. Is this something known? Is this something I can fix by changing settings? If further info is needed, please ask.

    Tom_W Thanks for confirming the issue. As I wrote in the thread over at, the web player of TVHeadend seems to allow to pause the stream and start again at the exact position, where I paused. Whereas in KODI, when I pause for a couple of minutes, the stream starts again at the real position, so nothing is cached. As I cannot test any other tvheadend client (TVHClient on Android doesn't support timeshift at all), I am not fully sure but, I would support your assumption that pvr.hts seems to handle TV and Radio differently regarding timeshifting. Maybe ksooo can help here?

    Hi, although I am using LibreELEC and TVHeadend since years, I just stumbled upon one thing: thimeshift is only supported when watching TV, not when listening to some radio channel. Is this really not supported, or is it an issue on my side?

    Device: RPi 5, LibreELEC 12 nightly, fully updated

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    I switched from RPi4 to RPi5 and except one thing, everything just worked as before. I use LE12 nightlies and currently I am on yesterdays build. I did the switch according to RE: LibreELEC support for Raspberry Pi 5. However, since then I don't see any output anymore on the boot splash screen. So no information about the installed build of LibreELEC and no information about the progress of a running upgrade. Any idea, what the reason could be? What infos, logs and config files should I post?


    since the mentioned build, I cannot play any of the radio channels from my TVHeadend server. TV channels work as before. When starting a radio channel, I see this in the debug log:

    When I go back to the build from 11th October, radio playback works. Is this an issue for others? I have not changed anything in my system except updating to the most recent test build.