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    I wouldn't spend money on an AppleTV box now. We're only 5-months from the 10-year anniversary of the original iTV announcement and there are far too many good (and cheap) alternatives around.

    I wouldn't spend money on it either, even though it gets at least 10 hours of use per week in my house. I tried OSMC on it and it didn't work for me as I expected, however the OE build you pointed me to runs great and has been a really nice bump for this device. Any plans on doing a LE build for the ATV after all?

    I stopped work on a Jarvis build due to lack of time but I will pick things up again once we have a final release out. At the moment Jarvis is the end of the road for AppleTV as Krypton contains major video changes that mean we can't just patch CrystalHD support back into Kodi. There are plans for Sam (OSMC) and myself to jointly look at what's required for Krypton, but it will be a lot of work, so no promises.

    NB: The OE 6.0.1 build here: OpenELEC (unofficial) Kodi Isengard builds for AppleTV has Isengard code and plays about 500% better than the old 4.2.1 image.

    Sorry I didn't read this before. I tried OSMC on the Apple TV and I loved it, having full debian and apt-get was great, however the performance was aweful in my case without the Crystal HD. The same files that played great on OE would't work on OSMC.
    I'm downloading OE 6.0.1 as I write this and I'm hoping for the best. Considering the current price for the CrystalHD upgrade I think I'll be better off investing a little more in a RPi3 or something similar, so I'm rooting for OE 6 to perform as well as the 4 does. I'll post my findings back after installing.

    I hope this release comes out. My Apple TV is still on OpenElec 4.2 and I'd love to have a more recent build on it.
    I've been thinking on how could I get the Kodi 17 beta since I'm loving the new skins, I'd build it myself if i knew how.