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    I've been trying to set a Libreelec media server as:

    - host-1 ("salon"): rpi4 running libreelec with the snapserver and librespot addons, setup to stream spotify, and the snapclient addon setup to listen to the snapserver.

    - host-2 ("sam"): rpi4 running raspbian with a snapclient setup to listen to the snapserver

    I managed to get the librespot@host-1 visible in spotify and to stream to libreelec flawlessly. I even get the visualisation of the album cover as i plays in libreelec. Neat.

    However, the host-2 snapclient is not receiving any data from the server.

    By investigating, I see in snapweb (the icons are broken ?) both snapclients as expected, but the stream is 'default: idle', and not responding. Changing the volume/muting is not doing anything. So it seems neither clients are not receiving any data

    What am I doing wrong ? How can host-1 play the stream is no data is transfered through the snapserver ?

    Can somebody help me set this up correctly ?


    EDIT: found out the issue.``

    /storage/.kodi/addons/service.snapserver/bin/snapserver.start` was using --stream instead of --stream.source

    Am I the only one experiencing this issue ? Should I create a pull request with that fix ?