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    I'm using Libreelec on a RPi3.
    My TV backend (TVHeadend) is running on my HTPC.
    Therefore my RPi connetcs to the HTPC to watch TV.
    Due the fact that the HTPC is not turned on all the time, I would like to do the following:

    When I turn on my Philips TV, which is connected to the RPI, Libreelec should recognize this and turn on the HTPC via WoL.
    Scripting this is no problem, but I wasn't able to find a file where I could find the TV connection state.
    Something like connected/disconnected or on/off.
    Additionally this state should also turn to the opposite when I turn off the TV.

    If I could find a file which offers this information. I could run a cronjob for that.

    Thanks in advance for help.


    I need your help configuring my libreelec.
    Libreelec is running on my new Pi 3.

    I've installed the actual stable version from libreelec and afterwards the actuall build from milhouse ( forum).
    I know that this is not a stable release, but I'd like to watch Amazon Prime, which is nearly working out of the box with his release.

    The problem I have is, that the video playback is stuttering after 20-30 seconds.
    The Pi is just connected via WiFi to my router and is only getting a round about 50-60Mbit/s. WiFi connection.
    My first thought was, that this connection is to slow. To disprove this, I put my PS4 into the same room, same position. The PS4 connections is as slow as the Pi's.
    If I watch Amazon Prime there, I got no problem.
    Another thing I did to disprove it, is that I've connected my Pi via PowerLAN adapter. Same here.

    So I was adjusting the cache settings in advancedsettings.xml, in hope that this will help.
    Actually it didn't help. Video playback from Amazon is still stuttering.

    Does anyone can help my solving this problem?

    Here are my cache settings:

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a new Raspberry 3. This Pi was bought from Amazon (the official Pi 3 Kit).
    Within this kit, I've got the Pi, the official white case, the ac adapter and two heatsink.
    I placed the heatinks on the CPU and the RAM.

    The point I was wondering, is that the Pi CPU temperature is getting extremely high?!
    Yesterday I was watching TV over the Pi (PVR Client Connection to my HTPC). Libreelec was showing me a little thermometer on the right top corner.
    Therefore I've looked on the Pi (SSH) and see that the CPU actually had 83°C.
    When just idling in the menu (for hours), the Pi has got almost a temperature of 50°C.

    Are theese temperatures to high?
    The Pi is not running in performance mode, just the "normal" ondemand mode with 600 Mhz each core.

    Thanks in advance for any advise.