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    Hello ladies and gents,

    I'm new here and I've searched and read through many of the pages in this thread but I'm unable to zero in on the information I need. Hopefully one of you experts can chime in with the solutions or ideas to point me in the right direction. I'm trying to get a bluetooth controller working on kodi that already pairs and works for emulationstation, it pairs in kodi but when I go to map the input controller buttons through kodi UI, kodi doesnt recognize it. The controller has 3 different modes of operation, android bluetooth, ios bluetooth, and mouse bluetooth. The mouse pointer works without any configuration. My question is, are there anyways to convert the emulationstation controller files to usable kodi files? I'd like to use this bluetooth controller to control both the emulation side and kodi side of the system.

    Thanks for all of your hard works and input to this conversation!