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    Thank you very much indeed!!!

    Two suggestions somehow related to the hdmi bandwidth drove me to set a 30Hz refresh rate in syslinux.cfg and disable the "HDMI UHD Color". Finally it works!


    I'm trying to replace my old (still working) AMD motherboard with a new one with a J5040 cpu (and an IT66317FN retimer) onboard but I'm not able to make it communicate with my old Samsung 4K IPS TV. So far I've been able to the get a hdmi signal only using a low-res vga-hdmi adapter. With LE10, using xrandr, I've been also able to see a fhd screen in the upper left corner of my TV screen set in 4K resolution. I upgraded LE to version 11 but the situation didn't improve.

    I'm aware it should be an hardware issue, but I wonder if someone could be so kind to suggest what to try in order to solve the problem.

    since the upgrade from LE 7.0.3 to 8.0 I am experiencing audio noises and stutterings using hdmi. All kind of audio seems to be affected. Audio passthrough works without issues. I found some information regarding hdmi audio issues and amd gpus (mine is an A8-7600) but using it is out of my league.
    Any help? Any suggestion?
    Thank you in advance.