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    Well, I dont have that directory structure and I dont know if it makes a difference.

    I have:


    so I created a folder structure as shown :


    and it still dont work.

    Do I need to make the folder openssl-config.service.d and put that file in it.


    Versions are LE 9.0.2 le potato

    Kodi 18.2 Leia

    and no matter what addon I try to install to Kodi, they fail.

    It acts like a permissions issue whereas I don't have permissions to write into protected spaces or the versions of the addon conflicts somehow with Kodi,

    This is my guess as I am a 1st time user of libre elec.


    Whats the name of the board, and which software is your current installation?

    it is le potato and there is no current installation. 1st time use. And I dont know how to make it boot. I used balenaetcher to try and make it bootable with libelec-generic.x86_64-10.0.2.img.

    This is a 64 bit beast, right ??

    I am trying to get this booger to work and this is what is on the SD card. All I get is a black screen