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    I've got the same hardware, the same problem. Yesterday I've installed 10.0.2 on it. Couldn't figure it out and let it like this. Until now I've got no errors and crashes, the only annoying thing being that I've got to manually force close the Wyse.

    Hi, yes - OK but is not resovle for us. I know linux but i can't create bash script to force power down.

    Hello, I have a small problem that someone may have already encountered.

    I have Libreelec set up on a DELL WYSE DX0D terminal. Overall everything works correctly however I have a problem with closing the application. When I choose to shut down/close the system the terminal does not shut down properly. The screen displays:


    filed to unmount/flash: Device or resource busy

    systemd-shutdown[1]: Filed to finalize file systems, loop devices, ignoring

    reboot: Power down

    The terminal hangs on this and I have to shut down because from my finger with a button.

    There is nothing plugged into the USB ports, SSD inside.

    Anyone encountered something like this?