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    Greetings everyone,

    As per the title and having reviewed the recent posts by Hash70 and by Denist I am also curious about new NUC performances.

    Background: I had two Haswell-era NUC's both runing LE,, one of which has just died.

    Content is bluray & DVD rips from a local NAS via NFS. Presumably in the future that'll include 4K rips hence the question.

    Can't really complain, I think I got value out of it :) but looking ahead it makes sense for me to get a replacement which can do 4K.

    Having just moved house my wife and I finally bit the bullet and got a soundbar to enhance our audio enjoyment.

    Q1: I read that Jasper Lake has poorer video processing compared to older SOCs. Is this still a problem for the Alder Lake SOCs?

    Q2: am I correct in stating that the HDR builds mentioned here will work well with Dolby DTS ? (Dolby Atmos would be nice but given this is relatively new I'm not worried about it).

    Thank-you in advance!