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    Looks like the device is not recognized.

    1. 20:41:32.545 T:3946808176 ERROR: AddOnLog: Joystick Support: ScanEvents: failed to read joystick "GEN GAME" on /dev/input/js0 - 19 (No such device)

    It also looks like you may be having power issues. Try using a powered hub and see if this improves things.

    Otherwise it may just be a issue with the rk3328 build which is always a possibility with such a new build.

    It's a bluetooth controller, so no hub possible.

    Do you have a hint how to dig deeper? As already mentioned, controller worked fine on rpi3.

    I'm using rk3328 community build for my mvr9 box and I'm able to connect my bluetooth gen game s3 game pad, but it's not recognized in kodi.

    I'm thankful for every hint.

    kernel log

    udev rule

    1. SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="GEN GAME", KERNEL=="event*", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"


    thanks, I also had interrupts with my bt headphones and rpi but no issues when using the headphones with smartphone.

    Do you know if 150balbes will push the emmc install/backup scripts to libreelec?

    When you will push the rc driver?

    One more missing point for mvr9 is the non functional on/off switch, maybe something could be done about that.

    Dev progress is very well for the box!

    Do you also get audio interrupts with bluetooth speaker?

    I connected my bt controller to mvr9, but can't map buttons.

    All I get is

    in the log.

    Is something still missing? Controller already worked with rpi.