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    Did or did you not state that you are "willing to bet that the /dev/system/ doesn't exist boxes are all W's "? What is the meaning of "all" in this sentence (even if it occurs only in the fist half of it)? Maybe my problem is just that I am not a native speaker.

    Concerning fake news and suitable narratives, I believe it is Fox News you meant. If not, that might be part of the problem as well...

    Thats why CNN had to retract over 12 news stories in one week for false information. Can always spot the libreal in any Merry CHRISTMAS !!!

    Ok, I'll take you up on this, as my box where this occurs is definitely an X. The problem with the Ws is with the display, not necessarily with NAND.

    Only quoted 1/2 the message ... missed the part about them prob using similar chips. If you are going to quote something, don't be like fake news CNN and quote the whole line not just the part that suits your

    I had the same type purchase and it wasn't a 905X but a 905W. Boot into recovery if it says P281 it is W. I'm willing to bet that the /dev/system/ doesn't exist boxes are all W's as that is exactly what they do when trying to install to internal.(Or at least some of the same chips being used now) Runs fine off of SD card, but thats no fun, is it?

    The S905X boxes seem to be now being replaced with this new RK3328 based boxes, like the Beelink MXIII II is now out of production and replaced with the new Beelink A1 with the RK3328 chip and a super high spec for a still lowish price. So any indication when we may see the excellent LE builds we get for the S905X boxes available for these new RK 3328 devices.

    What I find frustrating is that each great new box that arrives soon goes out of production and replaced with something newer, just too many changes too quickly for boxes that are runnign superbly as they are. Ah well I suppose that is called progress. So what I would love to have is a new Beelink A1 box with a good stable LibreELEC 8 firmware available for it as we get with the S905X boxes today. So I am asking whether any of you guys here may know the answer to when this may possibly be available if at all. Is it months or just weeks away?

    2gb 16gb S905X runs as good as it gets. Why worry about new boxes when they prob won't run any better anyway? Plenty of S905x's out there for sale. NEW doesn't always mean better.

    I finally managed to get the 6.0 Android firmware from the manufacturer for all MXQ Pro 4K boxes with all variaty wifi chips.

    (s905x_31IR_1G_rtl8189 8188 9083)

    Donno if posting link is ok so PM if need to restore your box back to factory.
    Apparently they lie -- no wireless for latest wifi ....