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    It looks like balbes150 used an outdated kernel config for G12 image and didn't enable sound drivers.

    You can try using this image (universal image for S905 and S905X2, remember to choose device tree): (removed)


    Wired connection came up.

    Audio is greyed out and showing BT/pulse as above.

    Could not connect to LibreElec Repository.

    Also USB slot problem.

    Unfortunately worse than most recent balbes150 Aarch64 image ;)

    Set up a test for the most recent image


    and used


    on a 2GB 100 Mb/s Xmax S905x2

    Wired ethernet connected early and clean.

    The sound out is greyed out and showing Bluetooth/pulseaudio.

    There are some issues with LiveTV channel changing and remote use. [Using tvheadend server on LAN and tvheadend client on the Xmax.]

    That was only an initial test run ..... have to give it a longer run when I get a chance.

    EDIT: Forgot to add

    1. LibreELEC:~ # dmesg | grep -i sound
    2. [ 0.046422] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Initialized.
    3. [ 1.205094] No soundcards found.

    EDIT Again:

    I tried the ARM image but the wired network would not connect so went no further.

    JohnBoyz I don't have any g12 device so I cannot tell for sure but many fixes for ethernet and audio have been upstreamed and you should see some improvement in that regard when they are integrated in the builds.


    I ref this post

    Test LibreELEC images with KODI-18 for S9xxx

    and a previous post also where the wired NIC worked with manual intervention to turn it on.

    I have been unable to test any image since as no connection available in any of them.

    From earlier in the thread "ARM" seems to be the best choice, I have it working on my "X96 Max" although not usable as a media device (I use it as an emby server, given its USB3 port and 1000m ethernet) steams uncompressed 4k m2ts files with no issues

    Thanks for that.

    Tried the Aarch64 image


    but wired NIC not working.

    Will now try the Arm image


    Also an X96 Max box here - 2GB RAM

    May 8

    X96 Max 2g/16G S905x2 - tried both images. (no -rii images available)



    Wired network has again reverted to being unavailable on power up and incapable of being switched on.

    Sound options continue to be 'greyed out'.

    No point in trying to go any further.

    X96 Max 2g/16G S905x2 used -rmii dtb

    the 20190430 installed

    WIred NIC still needs to be switched off and on again for it to connect, as before.

    It is not possible to get any sound working as the sound selection option is greyed out while showing the Bluetooth option.

    Tvheadend HTSP client installed ..... I was given three versions as options.

    The most recent worked fine so did not try others.

    Tvheadend server installed, but it did not install properly (apparently) and did not function.

    Mouse, keyboard, and remote functioned OOTB. I am unsure if all functions are available but there were sufficient to do simple tests.

    I am happy to say I use both LE and CE, and am most grateful to both sets of developers regardless any back story.

    My only wish is that discussion of these animosities would be kept where they belong (on both forums) === in the bin!

    rgmii (10/100/1000) and rmii (10/100) are different realtek PHY drivers .. the PHY is responsible for the physical connection to the network and Amlogic chips support "internal" rmii for free (it's part of the core SoC). Cost-engineered devices often skip the optional "external" PHY chip (usually rgmii but there are other options) to shave cents on the manufacturing costs. I'm not sure rmii is a good designation so the dts name might change, i've asked the kernel maintainers for their suggestions and preference.

    Thanks for the info; and I fully support the idea of the name change.

    I only used that dtb because the advisory post said a new dtb was added, and that was the only one I noticed.

    I also think it would be an error to base the naming on the ram size .... it might be how things are done presently, but new devices could have any combination of ram & nic.

    Anyway, for the present there is progress which is great .... and thanks to all involved for the efforts made.

    X96 Max 2g/16G S905x2 used -rmii dtb

    the 20190424 installed yesterday

    this version brought in the ability to install from the LE repository. Thank you.

    I successfully installed Tvheadend HTSP Client and connected to my server.

    For my simple use case presently this goes a long way to making it usable.

    The wired NIC needs to be enabled after booting ... but this is not much of a hassle now, but it does need to be done each time after a power down or reboot.

    The 20190425 image installed today

    No changes here in either Audio or wired NIC.

    Only noticeable change is that a couple of options for tvheadend htsp client were not shown ... there were a few shown yesterday.

    BTW ....... what does the -rmii in the dtb name signify?

    Progress is good :)

    Update 20190423. For S905X2, a new DTB for X96 max has been added to support the 100Mb wired network option (model 2\16 version). Fixed BT and sound for Vega S95 (S905).

    Fresh install on X96Max 2G/16G

    Changed the dtb to "-rmii" version.

    On boot there is no sign that the wired connection is working .... no lights on switch.

    In settings, the connection is shown as 'On', but there is no connection present.

    I switched this Off and then On again, and the connection immediately came alive and got an IP address via DHCP, with corresponding light on the switch of course.

    So it seems there is a minor bug in the setting of the NIC to active during boot.

    I was unable to access the LE repository but could access others.

    Is there something I should do, or is this not yet available?

    Thank you for your work on this.


    I forgot to mention the audio choice is greyed out but yoou are probably aware of that as I saw mention of audio above.

    You can try DTB from Armbian LE (add new dtb and set it to "uEnv.ini").

    I copied the dtb file from that link and added it to the 'dtb' directory on the SD card

    1. ls ./dtb/meson-g12a-sei510.dtb  
    2. meson-g12a-u200.dtb  
    3. meson-g12a-x96-max-2gb.dtb  
    4. meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb  
    5. meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dtb

    I also edited the uEnv.ini file to read

    1. dtb_name=/dtb/meson-g12a-x96-max-2gb.dtb
    2. bootargs=boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE quiet console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0

    Unfortunately it did not work.

    In the LE config addon the network was ticked as active, but there was no connection.

    The switch did not see any active NIC ..... no leds lit for the connection.

    Thanks for the response.

    I will be able to test other DTBs should you want me to.

    1. systemctl stop [email protected] && systemctl disable [email protected]
    2. Failed to stop [email protected]: Unit [email protected] not loaded

    I tried to start the service

    1. systemctl start [email protected]
    2. Failed to start [email protected]: Unit [email protected] not found

    Another suggestion?


    I get no lit LEDs on the Switch for the eth connection, whereas all is good when using Android.

    BTW, I tried to revert the edit while in textmode and failed ..... that partition is mounted ro ..... just to mention it :)

    Also, it seems the USB 2 port is not functioning, the USB keyboard needed to use the USB 3 socket.

    1. dtb_name=/dtb/meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb
    2. bootargs=boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE quiet console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 textmode

    The above is now in the uEnv.ini.

    Will try and report back .... I had the SD card in my main PC to try to find any log or other indication of problem. Nothing found.