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    Ok... well did a bunch more reading and testing and finally came up with the solution.. first it was the fact that I was trying to play a movie from a dvd player plugged into the Rpi.. this still seems to be a problem.. but may come down to a codec..

    Originally I had missed the option in the /settings/system menu and selecting the the headphone jack option because it was not highlight to be able to change.

    Once you add this... "Add the line , dtparam=audio=on " to the config.txt file.. you can then go back to the setting/system menu and select the output headphone jack option..

    At this point you should or at least I did.. start hearing " system " sounds.. if you hear this the this has worked..

    As for playing a dvd movie... that's a tomorrow problem..

    Ok.. this is a very similar problem to mine.. Rpi4 4g .. fresh libreelec install... nothing else added and I have read all I can.. this is the closest I have come.. and followed the instructions from post #10... confirmed that all hardware is working.. boot up Raspbian and play youtube videos with sound no problem... libreelec plays the video but no sound from the 3.5 jack..

    BTW... extremely new to this...

    Well it didn't work for me... any suggestions...