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    So it works if I change from hostname to IP in the sources settings, but that makes everything in my library disappear. But when I changed it back in the sources.xml from IP to hostname it worked again. So very strange. I will keep you updated with the future builds. This was with the #0414 build.

    EDIT: I also just added the SMB NAS IP to the hosts.conf file just to make sure :)

    I don't recall anything changing recently that might affect SMB, and don't have any problems accessing smb:// shares with the latest builds - can you double check your network, and try restarting your Samba server. Perhaps the hostname "HJEMMENAS" isn't being resolved correctly by new builds, IP address is generally recommended.

    Strange that it workes fine with #0411. But I will recheck the setup and go for IP/check DNS.

    Milhouse, I get "connection timeout" when trying to use mapped SMB shares.

    Not entirely sure what you mean by "go only main release channel", but the latest release kernel will typically be used by master. LE7 will remain on 4.4.x, once we branch for Beta we can see about bumping master to 4.5.

    Logs here please. Did the problem only start with #0412?

    Ok. Latest release was what I meant :) I will post logs here then. Yes, only started with #0412. Downgraded to #0411 and all good again. GF using the box now so can't upgrade and get logs now.

    What are the plans for the kernel on LE? Will you go only main release channel on the kernel? It's using 4.4.x now right?

    Milhouse do you want logs here or on the Kodi forum? Had network issues with latest build (1204).