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    tauks First some moderation notes: I moved you post to a correct thread - you are certainly not using 7.0 S905 build on a S912 device - and I removed store link from your post.

    Secondly, please post original device tree from Android firmware. Then I can take a look.

    Hi kszaq,

    Sorry for my noob mistakes using the board and thank you for your moderation time. I've been searching a long time where the original device tree from android firmware might be located but couldn't find it. Could you please kindly pinpoint its location or at least give me its name ? Thanks in advance !

    Hi there and hi @ksaq,

    I've been using LE on android boxes fore a while now and am a huge fan of your work. I've been doing many installs for several familiy&friends without experiencing any major problem... until now :). I've duely noticed that s912X processors are NOT recommanded for LE install and I would truely understand if my problem had to remain unsolved. Anyway, I've recently bought a Beelink GT1 Ultimate in -what seems to be - the new version (with the yellow logo instead of the red one) but I wasn't able to make it work properly with several images of LE build families (8.2, 8.0, ...). When not replacing the dependance_tree (3G/1gb ethernet), everything is ok except the ethernet (thank you captain obvious :) ). The wifi is also ok. When trying any dependance tree available before the first use, the consequence is a freeze on the first beelink logo. When replacing the tree AFTER the first boot, using Samba, a quick message saying something about the image appears ("Did not find a valid partition on the image file") and then the box starts but the ethernet isn't functional. I've tried every dependance tree of each build but the problem's still the same. Any clue of what to do to make it work please ?

    Thanks in adavnce !


    I have uploaded 7.95.beta5 build with Kodi 17.0. I'm mobile-only now, will update OP in a few hours.

    Yeah thanks m8.

    [Edit :] I misunderstood the "OP" acronym (stands for original post) and believed a stable version of your work will come up instead of the beta. My mistake. Anyway, coffea on it's way, right away.[/Edit]

    This can be updated via the Keymap Editor Programme

    Great I didn't know thanks !

    Well, it came along with another strange problem. Even if the internet connection seems to be fine, I couldn't see the "Get more" button on the dialog boxes such as skin modifier, subtitle provider or language choser, resulting in the incapacity to change any of them. Nevertheless, when I used the kody repository to pick them, It worked just fine (which excludes a connection problem). The big issue I experienced yesterday for "no reason" (box reachable from several machines but not all, sharing disappearing progressivly...) came with the same problem of "as-if-there-was-no-internet-connection" (sysdate at 2015-01-01 for instance). Hard and soft reinstall didn't help much (sysdate was then accurate but "Get more" had'nt reappeared). I think there is no need for you and me to spend any minute on this crash since it also could be hardware-related (box, PLC plug, ...) but this "Get More" problem similarity remains confusing.

    I finally reinstalled the 007 build few minutes ago and all my problems are gone :)

    Hi @kszaq !

    As I experienced a problem with my Nexbox A95x yesterday (that I wouldn't even beginning to try to understand), I've fully installed your latest build LibreELEC-S905.aarch64- instead of my "old" one (can't remember which one, in august/september though). Everything seems to work just fine except one "funny" thing: the "backward/return" button of the remote controler doesn't work anymore :). Am I missing something ? Since it's a fresh install, should I do something with the tree anyway ?