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    What about CPU temp? Errors in CPU calculations are very likely when operating at high temperatures.

    My RK3228A freezes every 20-30 min without radiator.

    Hello @ilmich,

    Some bugs or benefits were found, not sure what this is, so far :)

    Anyway, I see when box is suspended it can be woken up by any type of remote and any type of key.

    Not sure if that's how it was meant to be, but I think it's not good when you are trying to turn off a TV, for example, box is waking up.

    And second one is that the box wakes up automatically every 20-24 hrs. Not sure if only I have those issues. Please confirm, guys, if someone has the same.

    Hello Everyone.

    Actually I'm also struggling because of removing "Sync playback to display". Totally all 24fps video is not smooth even when frame rate is set to 24Hz manually. Is there any chance to enabled it in some xml configuration files?

    BTW, I'm not using LEv10, only this unofficial builds based on LE-9.2/9.80

    January 4, 2020 at 4:14 PM

    Hey, just found, this is awesome. Boots on my bad cheap Russian TV box - Iconbit XDS84K (1G, 8G, RK3229). Everything except Wi-Fi works, it seems, with the image: rk3229-a95xr1.img.gz from the first post. Enough for me to just daily drive it. I don't know of any forks and stuff.

    However, the UI runs at like 10-20 fps, which isn't all that good. Scrolling is a big pain. The videos work just fine though, and the player UI when playing a video is smooth as butter. Any fix?

    Try the latest version from ilmich
    RE: [unoffical] LE-9.2/9.80-Images for RK3229/RK3228

    I tried absolutely all your last images and all of them work equally (16-19 fps), with the only difference being that sometimes led is working properly, sometimes not. Anyway I've increased performance via overclocking. So thank you very much for the great work.

    Btw, do you know how to return "Sync playback to display" options which is in the original KODI?

    Tried this last libreelec-9.2 fork on my MXQ 4K PRO (MXQ_RK3229_EMCP_V3.1) and it works incredibly cool! Thanks for amazing work!

    Founded benefits:

    - starts and works much faster than any previous build

    - even AFR works

    - some types of files don't crush while original 18.9 KODI does on RK322x platforms

    Founded issues:

    - all network interfaces did not work at startup on my model, but after a couple of reboots wired connection started to work, but S9012P wifi still is not initialized, most likely due to the lack of a driver (not problem for me, using only wired LAN)

    - AFR sometimes doesn't work correctly, with a quick glance it's not switching to 24 Hz

    - closing\stopping some types of files leads to a reboot ( for example after playing this stream, it reloads stably )

    Ready to provide any logs if needed.