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    Good Year, LibreELECers

    I understand this might be a slightly impolite question, but I do occasionally wonder about it:

    Sometimes, when I feel like being a good netizen, I rate-limit my wget downloads to ease strain on the download servers. Usually to --limit-rate=100k.

    Does this actually make the world a better place? In the case of LibreELEC, if I set it to 200k, the download rarely, if ever, fails to hit 200k....So I wonder if I could actually determine a polite max speed by e.g. setting to a brazillion k, and only reducing that if I fail to constantly attain this limit?

    Basically, if wget constantly attains the limit I set, that means I am not eating anyone else's lunch, and I could even think about cranking it up a bit?

    I think this this kinda assumes you pay a set fee for a set hosting speed, whether you "use" it or not?

    Last I heard it was generally working well on RPi3 boards (1GB RAM) and we were thinking to release LE 10.0.2 with support. I'm less sure of the state that RPi2 is in .. lots of those boards have less RAM which will be more of an issue.

    Is there a chance of a stable modern kodi 19.x LibreELEC 10.x for the RPI3 ? I would like to be able to complain about the Crackle video add-on buffering (in LibreELEC 11 nightly-20220218 - presumably a Widevine issue?), but it seems a bit unsporting to complain about software which insists it's still in "alpha" status.

    Of course, it this creates extra support load, and therebye delays Nexus, that would cause some sadness amid the joy.

    Sadly, within about 2 weeks, it has started skipping like a spring lamb. It will play for a few seconds, then pause for a few seconds, then play again. Sometimes it will for OK for hours, but I can't actually rely on it to play a song all the way through, never mind an album or playlist. Can I provide some information for you to look at it? If I switch playback to the phone, or send it to the pi via shairplay, there are no skips.

    I understand that there may be other matters taking up your time at present, and perhaps you would prefer not to waste energy on the Pi3 and LibreELEC 10.

    I was reminded of this app today. Installed it from LibreELEC Add-ons repository on my Raspberry Pi 3b+ with LibreELEC (community): nightly-20210809-beaa0c7 .

    (I'm not sure where to find definitive statement on what version/release/patchlevel is installed: I think LibreELEC version is 10.0 while KODI version is Version info = 19.1.0 ?).

    After download, it just popped up in my phone Spotify client, with no need to do anything on the LibreELEC install.

    So, from the evidence of the last 30 minutes or so, it "Just Works(tm)"

    I wish all software was this easy to "set up".

    Thanks to the Librespot folk(s) for making it happen.

    And thanks to LibreELEC, KODI and, of course, the slightly-better-paid Spotify people.

    I, too, do not see an offer of an update to 10.0.1

    I assume this is because I am using a Matrix nightly-20210809-beaa0c7, on a Raspberry Pi 3B of some sort, for which there is, as yet, no version 10?

    There are no Raspberry Pi 0-3 releases for LE10.0

    It's actually working OK for my purposes (mostly local music, and Crackle & Shout TV video addons), so I will continue to practise gratitude and patience.