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    All I'd say is 1GB sounds a bit on the small side - might cause you some problems in the future (thumbnails folder could end up filling that on its own), and it'll almost certainly cause issues with updates and / or backups not having enough space at some point.
    I use small (eg 1GB) partitions for testing, but I'd want at least 4GB (my arbitrary limit) for a 'proper' install.

    There shouldn't be an issue with mixing your media (films / music) with libreelec data in 1 big usb partition - the partition even comes with folders for exactly that by default (made on first boot).

    Copy that. Thanks, nice to know.
    I can easily resize the "disk" partition since the other one is still empty. ;)

    Got it.
    From all the tests I did, there's nothing you actually have to copy on the USB to use one of its partition as "disk="...
    OE will only use it as destination for all configuration files.
    I tried moving the SYSTEM file to another partition on the USB and adding:

    root=LABEL=<MY-LABEL> rootfstype=ext4  rootwait rootdelay=5

    ...but that doesn't work (it works on Raspbian though).

    So now I have:

    • boot and system (mounted as flash/) on the SDCARD [I hope they are really read-only as I think];
    • disk (all system data...) on 1GB partition on USB
    • my user data (movies, mp3, whatever) on the rest on the USB, in their own partition.

    ... and my cmdline.txt looks like you guys suggested:

    boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1 disk=LABEL=<MY-LABEL> quiet

    It's working good like this.

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments and the help provided.

    Probably I'm missing something about how OE and LE work internally, but the tutorial seems to be on how to put the "storage" on the USB stick; in fact the guy says to leave the "SYSTEM" file on the sdcard. Maybe it's because it's read-only? So sdcard corruption is prevented anyway?

    Thanks I'll try again that. If I remember it's exactly what I tried, but probably I misplaced the correct files to push on the USB stick (other than SYSTEM). So I'll start with a complete copy on the USB.

    Im running LibreElec now with system on SD-card and Strorage on the usb stick with a adjusted cmdline.txt file.

    Do you mind sharing some details on the modified cmdline.txt?
    I was just now looking on how to do this with LE.
    It's something I always setup on Raspbian, but LE sdcard seems different and I'm still looking for info.
    Unfortunately sdcards are awfully easy to brake... It's good to let them do the system boot only and then rely and a solid USB stick for the rest. [emoji6]

    Many thanks in advance.