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    Hi kaszaq,

    maybe you have noticed but your dtb.img in recent builds are not working for MXQ Pro 4k with 1GB memory, i can flash with gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb without any issues, then i updated to 7.90.beta2 (2017-01-15) without temp sensor, there i still don't have a issue, issue starts when i try to update also the dtb.img, i tried now the following dtb's from /s905/


    normally the first one should be correct, but with both i get no bootscreen anymore and no kodi, then i again need to boot from SD Card with and install again to internal NAND and device works again without any issues.

    Do you think it would be possible to give us a updated dtb.img for the MXQ Pro 4k as you did for
    or am i doing something wrong here?


    @thl87 Can you try the following in your (I know, it's an ugly hack...):

    insmod /lib/modules/qca9377-aml/compat.ko
    mount -o bind /lib/modules/qca9377-aml/cfg80211.ko /lib/modules/3.14.29/kernel/net/wireless/cfg80211.ko
    mount -o bind /lib/modules/qca9377-aml/wlan.ko /lib/modules/3.14.29/kernel/drivers/amlogic/wifi/bcmdhd/dhd.ko

    Hmm i get this

    kszaq are you sure? because rpi2/3 has widevine working under libreelec which is also Arm Cortex A53,

    German site [Kodi 17 +] Inputstream HowTo + AddOns für Kodi 17 ab Beta 6 +, aktuelle Git builds < Update 10.12.2016 - Die angepinnten Themen - - Deutschsprachiges Forum zum Kodi Entertainment Center

    curl -Ls -o /tmp/ && sh /tmp/

    but more important for me is currently same db and for sure i also like the new skin more then confluence :D

    just for your info, inputstream was made to get a legal way to watch protected content.

    Inputstream.mpd is Mpeg Dash Amazon Prime Instant Video - Amazon Prime Reloaded - Maxdome - DAZN
    Inputstream.smoothstream is Microsoft Smooth Streaming which is used by Sky

    Widevine is used from google chrome, so all content protected stuff will get handled like you would watch it over Chrome, so there is no hack or something needed to watch legal content.

    So the addons i listed are only a start, but inputstream opened a way to make legal addons without the need of any workaround to watch them.


    Input stream add-ons The work done with VideoPlayer has already gained one of the most exciting new features we can think of which is Input Stream add-ons. This enables possibility of native written add-ons can now handle part of the video playback selection and just hand over the video stream to Kodi. A perfect example of this isDASH (Dynamic Adaptive STreaming over HTTP)  which is something YouTube uses to give you the different video qualities depending on network speed. With Input Stream add-ons we can now have this capability as separate add-on instead of having this in the Kodi core. Here comes the video stream selection into play as you might want to select a different quality or language if made available. We’re happy to say that by default we ship the MPD add-on that handles the DASH audio/video stream selection standard and hands over the results to Kodi. The available YouTube add-on in Kodi repository doesn’t handle this feature as of yet however I’m sure it will be updated somewhere in the future. More features will come from this complete VideoPlayer rework and we will be sure to inform you once they have been added. For now we will try to make current features work to their fullest potential.

    i want kodi 17 because it comes with inputstream which will let me watch amazon, skygo, dazn,..........................
    kodi 17 runs without issues on all other devices in my setup.
    The other problem is i can't share the same db on my devices because only the amlogic one is still on 16.1 :), but no problem i can wait, it is already amazing what kszaq is doing for this cheap devices :)

    suspend works now with devel2 so no issue, i also don't care about power usage, but i care about my father who will get the box, if he presses the red button on the remote, what he for sure will do and then press it again and it doesn't work anymore then i would get a call :), which won't happen now hehe

    device_trees has newer devicetrees as you can see, so if your dtb is from before 22 Sep. then you need to update it on your sd card and also on nand, according to kszaq


    Can you re-download a device tree from build and try the devel build again? Amlogic introduced a new timer (BC_TIMER) that may be needed for audio to work correctly.