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    Has anybody got the remote working for the Nexbox A95X yet? I've tried what was mentioned earlier (on page 2) and it didn't work. No response whatsoever. I'm getting super frustrated with this by now :(

    If any of you got it working for your A95X, could you please zip all the relevant files up and help me out a bit? I'd be very grateful

    I think pressing the OK button brings up the OSD during playback without actually pausing it and pressing back closes it without activating anything. You could take a look through the Kodi wiki and see if they have a dedicated OSD button toggle, though with the above I don't find it necessary.

    Again try looking in the Kodi wiki to see if there is a shortcut navigation for your intended use, I know there is Esc and Backspace for back, but don't know if they differ during folder navigation, again its not something I really use and I find a dedicated stop and play/pause button more useful.

    I'm not talking about the "playback OSD" (or whatever you'd call it), I'm talking about a toggle button for the Kodi menu.
    One where if I press it while it's playing media, it does the "back button" action, summoning forth the Kodi menu. Pressing it again should return me to the video in fullscreen.
    I've already tried searching for the answers I'm looking for, but everything I've tried has failed to yield the desired results, so I figured I'm just doing something wrong, or that this remote has some quirks I'm not aware of ...

    I also own a Nexbox A95X (2/16GB, S905X), and the power menu one didn't work for me, but that was easily fixed.

    But there's something I've been wondering for a while: can I make the "Home" button take me to the "root" of the menu in Kodi? (so I don't have to press the Back button several times) - and if so, how?

    Also, can I change the "KODI" button* so that it shows/hides the menu in Kodi? You know, kinda like what the Play/Pause button does, but for showing the menu while video is playing, and conversely to hide it again.
    * My remote is otherwise identical to yours, except where you have a "thumbs-up" button, I have one that says "KODI".

    Any help would be highly appreciated. Cheers :)

    Plays x265 (Hi10) video that was never playable for me before without massive stuttering just fine. Seems a bit faster in the menus too.
    But with this kernel, it somehow still does not play pseudo's encodes. I can't seem to find any causal link as to why, but 8.0.2e plays it, while this build only plays the very first video frame while the audio keeps playing as usual. Upon seeking in the video, still only shows that very first frame, but audio cuts out. This is all 720p x265 encoded content, and IIRC, only 8-bit.
    It's a shame. I'm really liking a lot of the improvements, but I'm reverting until this is fixed.

    As always, thanks for your time and effort. :)

    To the people complaining about hevc without providing sample files: I just checked the latest "[pseudo]" encode (Black Lagoon, by the way), which played fine on both S905 and S905X. What files exactly do you have any trouble with?

    All of pseudo's Gintama releases in x265 (720p). Mine's an S905X box.


    Certain x265-encoded videos still won't play right with this release, and I'm not quite sure why. They haven't worked since before the new kernel was implemented, so I'm still on 8.0.1a.
    The "symptoms": While the audio seems to play, only the first video frame is ever displayed.

    Pseudo's x265 encodes are a great example of this. If you need samples, a quick Google search should reveal plenty.

    It's a shame as the newest version seems to be a lot snappier than 8.0.1a, and the stalls (especially when seeking) seem gone.
    Thank you so much for the dedication. Know it is well appreciated :)


    I can't recreate, and actually have improved playback of both fractional framerates and integer on my 1G s905x system. I've tested a variety of x265 and x264 videos (including some 4k stuff).

    Can you post a sample and log? Even though kszaq's not here, some of us might be able to help you with more info.

    (EDIT: Sent you a PM, blinkmxq)

    No idea how to do that, but I can post info about the clips in question (from MPC-HC x64's MediaInfo):

    I have some anime with fractional framerates (720p x265, not sure if 10-bit - but I don't think so) that still won't play right/at all with 8.0.1e (worked fine with 8.0.1a, and IIRC it hasn't worked with any newer version since then).
    It's a shame since the menus seem smoother with the newest versions, but they're unusable for me if they cannot play fractional framerate videos correctly (not sure if this is only for x265 videos). My player is a Nexbox A95X (S905X, 2/16GB).

    I hope you can find a fix once you get back from wherever :)


    When I pressed the ON/OFF button on the original remote control to bring back my MXQ Pro (S905) from suspense, LibreELEC v8.0.0g fails to restore the network connection. Has anyone encounter this issue?

    I thought the suspend function had been completely removed from 8.0.0g? It's been giving almost everyone issues.

    From the changelog:

    • suspend is so unreliable that it's now disabled

    Hi kszaq, I tried running your latest 8.0.0f build on a Nexbox A95X through usb. I used the device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb and renamed it dtb.img on usb but in there is no option for Wifi in Libreelec/Network, there is only a Wired option. I have never seen that in your builds....could it be a wrong device tree or?

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a Nexbox A95X 2/16GB (S905X). I've always used the gxl_p212_2g.dtb option and never had a problem that could be traced back to using a wrong .dtb.
    Mine is installed to internal, but IIRC, it worked equally well with TF-flash (SDHC) card (should be the same for USB). I've also tried the NAND version and couldn't tell the difference, so I'm guessing it's unnecessary for the A95X.

    I'm sorry if this has already been asked before, but is it possible to upgrade directly from kszaq's S905X LE-8.0.0e build to this by just tossing the .tar into the Update folder?
    This seems like a worthwhile upgrade, but the amount of stuff I've set up on my device is enormous by now, so it would kind of suck to lose it just to play Super Mario World :p

    Any response would be highly appreciated - thanks :)

    I got an A96Z 905x processor 2gb ram 16gb rom just curious if anyone loaded libreelec on one I want to switch it but wanted to look into it first see if anyone had any luck

    As far as I can see, it should be compatible with kszaq's S905X LibreELEC distribution, but you won't know for sure until you try.
    Install it to an SDHC (TF flash) card and try booting it up - that way there's little that can go wrong, as long as you know what you're doing (just follow the instructions closely and you should be fine). Even if it doesn't work, all you'd have to do is to power off the device, pop out the memory card and reboot, and voila - you're back on Android.

    "fixed non-working factory remote buttons by reverting an upstream patch"

    This seems to have broken my remote (?)
    In "beta1", the number buttons worked - as in, I could use them to type letters (the good old "Nokia" way), or cycle through the letters to type a number (example: a->b->c->2->A->B->C). Now it'll only type numbers. Been using the right .dtb all along. Any help and/or fix would be much appreciated. :)