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    Hopefully the issues with 1.4 version could be fixed later...

    It seems you bought 8GB versions as so far I have never seen 1.4 version of 2GB/4GB RPi 4B?

    In worst case I could offer selling one of my 1.1 RPI's away but they are just 1GB and 2GB... ;)

    The developer of IPTV simple client clearly stated that he is not planning to do any work on the old Leia version and that upgrading to Matrix is the only way to have his addon working. Matrix does not support VNC on rpi4.

    I have rpi4 both 2G and 4G models in rev 1.4. Dmesg output:

    Machine model: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4

    Would gladly change 2GB model for the same memory but earlier revision :)

    Kodi shouldn't need VNC for remote access. Various things (not everything..) can already be done/changed via for example Webchorus2, other stuff should be added/included into Webchorus3, if that ever starts up via GSOC.

    I personally have not used VNC for more than a decade and had even forgotten the thing even exists until I accidentally found it browsing Kodi addons. Since then, VNC my new best friend. Let me try to explain how it works when you try to help someone not very tech-savvy solve Kodi issues.

    During the busiest time of the day, an incoming call from mom.

    - Hi, are you very busy?

    - Well....... I guess not

    - Can you help me? We want to watch a movie, but it doesn't work.

    - What doesn't work?

    - The movies

    - Why doesn't it work?

    - I can't see them

    - Why not?

    - They are all gone

    - So you can't find the movies? What do you see?

    - Nothing

    - You see a blank screen?

    - No

    - What do you see then?

    - I dunno, a table

    - What kind of table? What does it say

    - I don't know, it's blue

    - Press return button a few times


    - Did it help?


    - mom?

    - Where is the return button?

    - The one that has a backward arrow


    - it doesn't work

    - did you press the button?

    - I am pressing it now

    - did it help?

    - I see a different table

    - but no movies?

    - no

    - Did you try to reboot the player?

    - What do you mean reboot?

    - restart it

    - How do I reboot it?

    - ........ you unplug the cable, wait a few seconds, then plug back in

    - OK, wait......

    5 mins later

    - Did it boot already?

    - (no answer)

    - mom?

    - no

    - why not?

    - I don't know which cable to unplug

    - the white one

    - there is no white cable

    - yes there is and it has a strawberry logo on the adapter

    - OK! found it

    5 more mins later

    - I see the screen

    - Do you see the movies?

    - No

    - Why not?

    - I see the same table

    - What does the table say?

    - Kodi

    - and below Kodi

    - Movies

    - You see no movies?

    - no

    - You see empty directory?

    - What is a directory

    - a list

    - I don't see the movies

    - What buttons did you press earlier?

    - I didn't touch it!

    - Someone had to touch it

    - Maybe your father did. I don't know. Never mind, maybe you fix it when you come next weekend

    - Call me on facetime and show me what your screen looks like

    Then we call on facetime, I check the screen, have to tell her which buttons to press one by one, takes another 15 minutes until the problem is solved.

    ---- same conversation with VNC on ----

    - hi, are you busy?

    - you can't see the movies again?

    - ... yes

    - ok, wait a sec sec

    10 seconds later

    - Can you see them now?

    - yes, how did you do it??

    - magic, mom

    - you're a genius, thank you!


    The problem is...... there is no VNC on Matrix, so I have to stick with Leia. But IPTV Simple Client no longer works on Leia / rpi4 rev 1.4. So I have to choose between IPTV and VNC, or I have to search for older hardware that still runs both VNC and IPTV on Leia. I would gladly buy such a device, but most of the shops just sell rpi 4 without mentioning which revision it is. Last week I bought 2 rpis for this, and both of them are crashing since they are rev 1.4.

    Why would you need VNC? I have never needed it with OE/LE for some 7-8 years now...

    VNC has proven to be very, very useful for Kodi. I have parents in their 70s who use Kodi in a country house long distance away from me. Sometimes they mess up the settings and call me asking "where are all the movies???" or "why is it not working???". Usually they accidentally change filter options for the directory listing and have no idea how to switch it back. Without VNC, I used to spend hours trying to figure out what happened over the phone, and with VNC.... 10 seconds and it's fixed.

    Here is the script I am using for manual bring up / tear down of wireguard interface.



    ListenPort = 51820
    AllowedIPs =
    Endpoint = endpoint.hostname:31194
    PersistentKeepalive = 25

    Advantages over official connman method:

    • Doesn't hijack default route
    • Uses default wireguard config file format (except for the Address line)
    • It is OK to use a hostname instead of IP address for peer endpoint. Useful for dynamic IP endpoints.
    • Multiple wg interfaces can be configured.


    • The IP address for wg interface is configured in a separate file
    • The route is added automatically by ip link set up dev wg0 command as long as both wg0.conf and wg0.service use /24 netmask (this is what I needed anyway). For some reason, when I use /32 or /0 netmask, the route is not added, but it should be relatively simple to add it manually.

    I was almost considering to replace libreelec with osmc to get proper wireguard support, but this post saved my day. I didn't need to add wg0 to NetworkInterfaceBlacklist, everything just worked out of the box using `````wg command. I got a warning saying "AllowedIP has nonzero host part", but the routes were added perfectly, everything seems to work as expected. Thank you.