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    No need for noisy active cooling. Just get this case: The Official Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case | Kodi | Open Source Home Theater Software it's nice and provides ample cooling, even when messing with HEVC (on hardware supported codecs the PI3 doesn't get hot).

    Also that case is nice but is not sold every where.

    active cooling is not necesarly noisy. If you take a small fan (3*3cm) just to make ar flow in the case everything will be good. My blueray disk player have such fan and I never heard it.

    Also that case is nice but is not sold everywhere.


    Could you tell us more about your friend and how do he think he will use his Kodi box?

    Without knowing that it will be a bit hard to tell you what is the best.

    For exemple here is just a small detail but for some will be a big problem. Do your friend want to use a webbrower in kodi? (for exemple just to go on internet or to use some streaming services?)

    If not a raspberry pi 3 would be the way to go (because actually their is no web browser for kodi on rpi). but be carefull the rpi3 is well known to suffer from hight temperature (>80°c) so you'll need some heat sink and for a kodi box an active one woth a small fan plugged on the GPIO port. Because when hot the rpi will throttle really really bad.

    If you're not ready to do that I'll go for the second solution. Witch can have a web browser in kodi.

    Any miniPC solution will be good they can be cheap or exensive the model is your choice.

    For exemple :

    ZBOX BI322 with Windows 10 Home | ZOTAC
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