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    Hi, thanks for the addon, I was struggling to get a working VPN for libreelec and docker containers running apps for a while and so far I've got best results with Zomboided :)

    I'm able to connect with PIA, all apps in docker containers and KODI itself uses a VPN connection and get VPN IP though I cannot get a correct settings to be able to reach my services via my domain address.

    For example I've got my own domain which points to my public IP -> which works fine when VPN connection is disabled in addon. When I'm turning on VPN I cannot connect to previous url but I can connect through LAN ip of a libreelec machine -> 192.168.x.x/transmission

    How I can make things work with domain name and VPN connection up reached from WAN?

    I can image I need to adjust some routing by this is beyond my understanding.

    Line OpenVPN ROUTE: failed to parse/resolve route for host/network: 2000::/3 is error on which I should focus?