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    Hi, I'm trying to troubleshoot HDMI-CEC not working on my Orange Pi Plus 2e (H3) with my TV's remote. I can see from previous replies that CEC is problematic; was wondering if the issue I'm seeing is something different from the commonly appearing one(s).

    Outputs of cec-ctl -S and cec-client:

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    As far as I can tell from cec-client, CEC transmission fails with errno=64 aka ENONET. (I cherry picked this line from the log, but may be been wrong about it's importantness)

    CLinuxCECAdapterCommunication::Write - ioctl CEC_TRANSMIT failed - tx_status=00 errno=64

    And the physical address in cec-ctl is f.f.f.f, which I would imagine may be an indication of an initialization error?

    I'm on the 20210801 nightly, linux 5.10.47. If there's any further way I can contribute by testing/troubleshooting, please let me know.