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    I installed this service but I cannot see it from my Spotify apps with or without discovery (with correct credentials). Any idea what might be wrong?

    Are you on the same network with your Spotify apps? Same wifi for mobile.

    Is UPnP enabled in your router settings?

    Hi everyone!

    Awiouy, first of all, I really like your addon, I use it daily on my Coreelec 9.2.7 system.

    But I've got a question. I've seen that you have options available by editing librespot.start script at /storage/.kodi/addons/service.librespot/bin/librespot.start

    I wanted to play around with turning off normalization, but unfortunately I don't have this script in the specified folder, only the librespot binary file. I am using 9.2.125 version, and I suspect it should be there. What can I do? Do I just manually create it with the only options included in it, that I need?

    I know you don't really have usage experience with coreelec, I just find this strange, I executed a find command, and this script is nowhere to be found in my system. I have installed it through Coreelec repository in Kodi.

    Thanks in advance!