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    Thank you for your help.

    Internet "box" is indeed the name of the router as called by the Internet providers.

    It seems my router may not accept SMB 2 or 3.

    I forced SMB 1 in KODI settings, but without any effect.

    How is it possible to get into the router shared folder through Windows 10 computer, and not with LibreElec OS, though? Is it ony a matter of SMB version?


    I've installed Libre Elec v9.52 on a Raspberry Pi 4.

    I cannot see a USB flash drive plugged on my Internet box through KODI 19, although I do see the USB drive through my Windows computer and from my Android smartphone.

    I tried several adresses, but no one is recognized.

    On the files manager (or from whatever Images, Videos module):

    test 1

    SMB : nothing is listed

    test 2

    Add new source:

    SMB procotol: \\

    or just

    or \\\boxcleusb (shared folder name)

    error: "software caused connection abort"

    test 3

    Add new source:

    UPnP protocol [same tests than SMB]

    error: "impossible to connect [...]"

    Sorry for the approximative translation of items. I run a French version of Kodi ;)

    Any help please?

    Thank you!!