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    First off, thanks so much for your hard work!

    I have a similar issue to ronan.l.n above.

    Running Kodi 18.9.0

    and libreELEC 9.2.7

    on a raspberry pi3.

    I can install snapserver and snapclient as per snapcast: add streaming from kodi by awiouy · Pull Request #2597 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub.

    BUT when I go to try to find PULSE: Snapserver in Settings/System/Audio/Audio output device, it's not listed as one of the options. Weird thing is though, I've had it working once and available in the last 24 hours. It appeared, I selected it, then the system worked beautifully and my pi downstairs picked it up straightaway. After rebooting PULSE: Snapserver disappeared. Only PULSE:bluetooth is left, which doesn't appear to work.

    Any thoughts on getting PULSE: Snapserver in Settings/System/Audio/Audio output device? I tried disabling and reenabling bluetooth, but no joy.

    Any thoughts?