Posts by OnkelHo27 is working but youtube refuse to play.

    During holidays the link of the livestream changed... I changed it and it works sometimes (with However, there is still the issue that the internet connection doesn't establish at the begnning even if I let wait Kodi two minutes fot network connection. Do you have an idea how to restart kodi if it cannot establish internet connection. Here is the pastekodi for the not working case:

    Not sure what's going on..

    Can't you just connect to your box from a PC and edit from there?

    post the video id here I ll try it for you

    Editing directly on Kodi works. At least it can install the addon. However, it didn't play the stream?! Really strange everything... I think it might be the easiest way to just use the The video ID is: BW6yxWvqEd0.

    Another note: Some of the problems might be caused by a stange thing. If I your txt-file to a zip and upload, it works. If I make the txt file to a zip file, unpack, edit and pack again it doesn't work any more. So I just changed the video ID and get a an error on installation that the structure is not corect and the instalation didn't work.

    Sooooo the addon is (after following the instructions, zip, edit install) not working. I don't see any reaction on startup. However, writing commands directly in the python works fine.

    Only the connectivity problem persists. I changed "Wait for Network" to 120, but it sometimes still doesn't connect. If I reboot, everything works fine. So I thougt it is a good idea to check via python if network connection is established and if not --> reboot. Any idea how to check that via python?

    You have to build your own image.

    But to prevent any races you should avoid timers and use for LE 9.2/Kodi 18 or the autoexec service you linked in the first post for LE 9.8/Kodi 19. is not working. I tried:

    import xbmc


    and safed the file in the userdata folder.

    Also trying to execute the script via SSH gives an Error:

    ImportError: No module named xbmc

    I really just need a simple solution :D


    Are you trying to make the script start at boot instead of alarm/cron?

    Yes, after boot instead alarm. But why/how instead of cron? I thount using @reboot at the beginn of an cron command is doing exactly this or is there another way?


    systemctl restart cron

    That works, but the crucial point is that I don't want to SSH on reboot as I want to wake up on reboot by livestream.


    adding cron timers to /storage/.cache/cron/crontabs/root

    In this file there is the command @reboot /storage/ But this command isn't executing (probably because of the time disparity)...

    That helped a lot!

    • Yes, its a RPI
    • I changed my plan of an alarm clock, but use a wifi socket to enable the power for my RPI. So finally I need to start the process after boot.
    • I created the shell file and tried it --> works perfectly
    • However, CRON works only after I restart it manually via SSH. Otherwise I get an error message regarding a time disparity:

    • ● cron.service - Cron daemon
      Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/cron.service; disabled; vendor preset Active: active (running) since Thu 2019-04-11 18:28:53 CEST; 2 years 2 months Process: 226 ExecStartPre=/bin/mkdir -p /storage/.cache/cron/crontabs (code=ex Main PID: 230 (crond) Memory: 204.0K CGroup: /system.slice/cron.service └─230 /sbin/crond -f -S
      Apr 11 18:28:52 XXX systemd[1]: Starting Cron daemon...
      Apr 11 18:28:53 XXX systemd[1]: Started Cron daemon.
      Jul 10 23:01:51 XXX crond[230]: time disparity of 1182512 minutes det

      So at the moment the command @reboot bash /storage/ doesn't work, whereas when I restart CRON e.g. the code 0 0 * * * bash /storage/ works properly. I found a post SOLVED cron won't work which describes the same problem, but I wasn't able to figure out how to solve the problem... May you help one more time? :)

    You need to ssh t your libreelec box..use something like Winscp for windows..

    For your youtube video to start as alarm make a small script and run with cron..

    something like this works fine..

    kodi-send --action="SetVolume(100)" # set desired volume 100 = 100%
    kodi-send --action="PlayMedia(plugin://"

    Thanks, that was very helpful!

    I managed to set up SSH.

    Autoexec is out of date as I tried and read.

    Thus, I created a python script containing your code (with set video ID) and uploaded it as "" in the userdata folder. This doesn't seem to work. So what is the mistake? :S

    Furthermore, as I want to adjust volume after some time as well as brightness, is there a reference manual or tutorial where commands are collected and explained?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Hey guys,

    I just started using Kodi with LibreELCE, so sorry for stupid questions in advance.

    I would like to set up Kodi in that way, that it autostarts with a youtube stream. I was able to install youtube addon. However, I'm not able to set the autostart procedure, which is described in the wiki (Autoexec Service - Official Kodi Wiki). First problem: I don't know how to create the files on kodi or transfer them to the right place. When I put the SD card in my Windows notebook, I don't have access to the folders I need.

    Would be very happy if you can give me some advice. :)



    PS: Any other ideas to realize the project easier are very welcome!