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    I have a box with allwinner H3 chip. The box doesn't have sd card slot, it only has 02 usb port and also reset button.

    I did try some H3 libreelec firmware on usb drive, but the box refused to boot to libreelec (it didn't appear or response anything on the tv, and the led light of box didn't come up as normal - it's blue when boot to android).

    Please kindly advise, how can I let my box boot with ny usb drive, or are there any steps in advance before plug in to the box?

    Thank you.

    Hi pro.,

    I got a Kiwibox S2 with android 4.4.2, allwinner a23, ram 1gb. I couldn't do anything with it even watch youtube 720p (it lagged a lot, image broken).

    So i'm looking for an alternative rom.

    I do see that we have rom for a10 & a20 devices, I don't know if we have any libreelec rom for allwinner a23 in this forum.

    Please kindly advise. Thank you.

    Can I install this rom to a allwinner H3 device which is not listed in your list below?

    (My device is : kiwi box S2.)

    H3 based boards:

    - BananaPi M2+

    - Beelink X2

    - Libretech ALL-H3-CC (Tritium) (H3 SoC)

    - NanoPi M1

    - OrangePi 2

    - OrangePi PC

    - OrangePi PC Plus

    - OrangePi Plus/Plus 2 (same image for both boards)

    - OrangePi Plus 2E