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    I use Libreelec with the default skin under a Raspberry4.

    Since I prefer to decide myself the genre of a movie, I keep them separated on my disk under different directories (Action,Cartoon etc) - and I added all of them as a source to Libreelec.

    This way, I can browse everything under "Movies", or I can go under Video>Files, find my directory, and e.g. browse all the Cartoons.

    Under the previous version (time ago, it was just "Kodi" then) I could set that the view was as thumbnails.

    Unfortunately with this version under Video>Files the only view allowed seem to be the one showing each movie as a folder (I keep every movie in its folder).

    I know it can seem a small problem, but for me it makes for a lot worse experience... is it possible to re-activate the thumbnails view?

    dd is a Linux type command that can write file images to disks, so yes, with the right parameters, that should still work.

    No idea which exact parameters are required on an (old) Mac machine though.

    Thank you Klojum, I always used in the past from the Mac terminal, and it always worked to format Linux distributions, Kodi builds, Openelec ...

    Probably I'll have to set the bs parameter, and nothing else

    sorry if it is info already available, but I cannot find it.

    I'm forced to use a very old mac to install Libreelec, and your install app doesnt work for it.

    Is it still possible - like in the old days - to download the image and install it in the terminal by dd if=imagename of=rdiskdevice; sync ?

    thank you!