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    Hi, I have upgraded a test install of LE 9.95.5 to the latest LE10 (x86) on my spare ssd drive, and the TBS6281 dual DVB T/T2 card is not recognised, nor was it on any of the earlier 9.95.x builds. TV Headend v 4.3 shows no TV card present. I have installed the TBS CrazyCats drivers and restarted, but the TBS card is still not recognised. I have run dmesg | paste and the results are at

    The card works fine in LE 9.2.6. so hopefully a fix is possible. Can anyone suggest how to get this card to work, or suggest another PCIe card that is supported please? Thanks


    I have installed LE 9.95.3 (Generic x86) on a spare ssd, but my TBS 6281 dual dvb/t/t2/c card isn't fully recognised. Dmesg shows two elements: SI 2168 and SAA 716x. When checking my LE 9.2.6 installation with the same card fitted, dmesg shows an additional item, an SI 2157. Both installs have the crazy cats TBS drivers installed. TVH in LE 9.2.6 shows the tuner, but not in 9.95.3. Is there some way I can fix this, or do I need to wait for a later version.

    Thank you