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    Your device is too old. Either get a newer system or use a discrete video card.

    Sorry I wrote K9, it's obviously not a K9 but an A9. To be specific it's an A9-9425. You don't think it's too old being an A9 do you? The CPU was only released in 2018.

    Also what's with having to wait 2400 seconds between posts.... That is ridiculous. I have to wait 40 minutes between replying to my own thread... why?

    Edit: Also the "Connections" setting menu in the LibreELEC settings is just....entirely blank? Despite the fact that I connected to the WiFi fine during the initial setup? Why is this OS such a mess? Is this just how it is?

    Edit 2: I fixed the connections and ctrl+alt+F* issue by upgrading to LibreELEC 10 Beta. And I just fixed the video output thing by using a different HDMI cable! Weird error, especially since the HDMI cable has otherwise been working fine...

    Edit 3: Nope... network connection suddenly not working again on 10 beta... connections screen gone.

    I have an AMD A9 CPU with onboard video. First I couldn't install LE because as soon as it got to the USB boot menu it would just start outputting a black screen on the HDMI at 1360x768. I had to use VGA to be able to even install it.

    After installing it I can't boot from HDMI either, again just a black screen... If I boot without VGA in and with the HDMI in, then I get no video at all on the VGA, and the black screen on HDMI.

    I have booted by VGA to get to the display settings, but the only outputs it shows are "default" or DisplayPort0, when the machine doesn't even have DP? Changing it to DP does nothing. It only shows resolutions up to 1360x768.

    There's nothing wrong with the HDMI, it works fine in the bios etc.

    I also can't access a tty terminal through CTRL+ALT+F*, as I just get the following error:

    A start job is running for wait until kernel time synchronized ([time] / no limit)