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    Well, installed Yumi. Created a bootable USB key with Ubuntu and Clonzilla. Unfortunately, I get size errors when reading the source microSD. I will keep working at it. Still not sure how I can keep my settings for when I have to upgrade Kodi17.6 to Kodi 18.x. Spent a LONG time creating this image, really don't want to have to do it all over again for Kodi 18.

    Hiya all....

    I've spent an inordinate amount of time setting up and configuring my Beelink mini mxIII. I've got it to the state I want (all addons, skins setup). Now here are the two questions:

    1. I have multiple Beelink mioni mxIII boxes, so my thought is I should be able to clone the microSD card and install them in each box. Then all I have to do, is change the system name. I don't have a Linux box, so using Clonezilla isn't an option (if need be, I guess I could setup vmware and setup a Linux repo). I'm thinking of using WinImage to clone the microSD card. Does anybody know of another Windows based cloning software (preferably free)?

    2. To update (from Kodi 17.5 to 17.6), it would mean just placing the image file and the dtb file in the update folder and rebooting. However, from what I have been reading, that wont work if I need to upgrade to Kodi 18. What would be my best option to save all my settings (installed addons, sources in File Manager, skin settings etc) to a file so that I can import it all back once I create a new image with Kodi 18? Will the Kodi Backup and Recovery save all the necessary settings? Or is there another utility that will do a better job?

    Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.