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    Sorry, jernej, I'm not good in distinquishing .mkv video codecs, so I ran MediaInfo software and that's what it says:

    I saw H.264 letters out there...

    Tried to cut a small piece of that MKV file to show you, but seemes it did not worked for me.

    Hope you can understand the issue from the above paragraph.

    No, I didn't make any corrections except for quiet in extlinux.conf.

    My version is also 1.1.

    Why is ethernet disabled? When I tried OpenELEC on Raspberry PI rev. B, it worked fine. Then, I thought that Orange Pi 2E is much faster and more RAM, but still I need both ethernet and Wi-fi, which are present on the board.

    Could you upload an image of SD card after resizing? I mean, if there was a way for me to prepare SD card just as it should be, and see if it works, I would appreciate that.

    What else can I do with my problem? Changed SD card from 2Gb to 4Gb, all is the same.

    I had lot of searching for BSP kernel version, but in vain :(

    Do you have the same board as the fellow from the link above had? I mean Chinese version. There are some photos of PCB as well.

    Every time I try to boot LE, I write image to my SD card by Win32DiskImager.

    Now as I removed 'quiet', the output is attached as a text file (to shorten the message).

    It does not seem to even resize the SD card.

    When I tried older images, some of them gave some info instead of first lines 'Net: No ethernet found.' Why no Ethernet, it's strange to me.

    Dear friends, as I tried the nightly omage for my Pi Plus 2E Chinese board, it gives this via debug TTL line:

    And it stucks after that, i.e. hangs. What am I doing wrong?

    None of those versions exist for OrangePi Plus 2E. LE10 will be first official release. You can always try nightly image.

    Thanks for reply, but as I see the review (link in Russian is here Обзор купленного на Aliexpress одноплатного ПЭКА Orange Pi Plus 2E, созданного с учетом пожеланий сообщества Armbian и тест LibreELEC Kodi) - it shows that LE compiled on Mar 1, 2017 is on the screen. With KODI 16. That's why I guess it was older releases.

    Maybe my Chenise 2E board is not the same as official one, and this is the cause of my problems? My Pi 2E is from Aliexpress.

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Tried to boot from LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.95.2-orangepi-plus2e.img.gz (download link at this site). but it does not boot. Debug UART says this:

    U-Boot 2021.01 (Apr 17 2021 - 04:11:24 +0200) Allwinner Technology, Build: jenkins-H3-600

    CPU: Allwinner H3 (SUN8I 1680)

    Model: Xunlong Orange Pi Plus 2E

    DRAM: 2 GiB

    MMC: [email protected]: 0, [email protected]: 2, [email protected]: 1

    Loading Environment from FAT... Unable to use mmc 1:1... In: [email protected]

    Out: [email protected]

    Err: [email protected]

    Net: No ethernet found.

    starting USB...

    No working controllers found

    Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0

    switch to partitions #0, OK

    And then it all stucks, no forther loading.

    I want to try older versions, like 6, 7, 8 and 9.0.

    Could you share links to those images? Maybe it will boot.