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    No, because add-ons frequently cause problems in any Kodi major version upgrade and the Py2 > Py3 move from K18 > K19 throws up some extra challenges. Nothing impossible for knowledgeable users to figure out, but the other 98% of our userbase will panic and use lots of bad words. We aren't going to stop people from doing it, but the warnings will stay and if people ignore them; users should expect low sympathy when things go wrong.

    That said. I would stop Kodi, move /storage/.kodi to /storage/.kodi-old, download the LE10 image file to /storage/.update/ and then reboot. It will upgrade to an empty Kodi install which sidesteps 99% the issues with outdated Py2 add-ons. Then stop Kodi, and move /storage/.kodi-old/userdata to /storage/.kodi/userdata and restart again. DB files should now auto-upgrade and you have all the existing settings etc. for add-ons (once you reinstall them) and thumb caches. Kodi settings may need to be tweaked if stuff changed. Always take a backup and move it off-box first so if something does go tits-up you can always reinstall LE-old and recover.

    Thanks, that doesn't look too bad. I'll give that a try when we're out of Beta. The only add-on I use is the skin so maintaining DB & audio/video settings was my primary concern. I use Flirc for the remote control, so I believe all that is transparent due to use of default key mappings. Should be pretty painless (hopefully) when the time comes.