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    Hello dtech ,

    Libreelec is working very good on the MXIII only i have 1 problem and that is that i cannot turn it on when i turn the box off within kodi.

    It does go to sleep mode but then i cannot turn it on, not with the remote and also not with the power button.

    I have to completely turn off the box by keep holding the power button or to unplug it and then turn it on again and then it works again.

    I have also tried another DTB but still the same issue.

    I hope you can do something to fix it.

    Many thx in advance.

    Hello dtech,

    First of all i want to thank you for all the work you are putting into this.

    the below image also sort of works on the MXIII 4k s802 soc (1G/8G) only the network (10/100 Mbps LAN) does not work.

    2. Amlogic Meson8 (S802) and Meson8m2 (S812) SoC on Linux kernel v3.10.108 (LTS):

    • M8S+ with Amlogic S812 SoC (2G/8G):

      Working services: Network (Gigabit LAN, WiFi 2.4+5 GHz, Bluetooth), amremote (all buttons work), HDMI-CEC, NAND boot (installtointernal).

    Amlogic S8X2 images: Index of /S8X2/

    I get an APIPA address ( so i am guessing it does not have the right driver because with a static ip address it also does not work. The network cable is fine it works on different devices.

    I also tried different S805 images but they do not boot.

    The build in Bleutooth, wifi and the remote also does not work but i can live without those.

    If you could add network drivers for the MXIII 4k s802 soc (1G/8G) box i would really really appreciate it.

    Tell me if you need more information i will do whatever i can to make it work.