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    I'm also on RPi4.

    What version of LE were you on before you upgraded the nightly and broke Transmission?

    I can't help much more. I would suggest you install the broken Transmission from Thoradia to get all the dependencies, then install this over top of the version that it provides.

    I started with a working version, then upgraded the nightly which caused Transmission to stop working. I rebuilt it and installed that, then it started working again.

    Just one clarification that this is for RPi4 only.

    Thanks. It installs OK but the transmission config page is only showing processing priority. Config page does not show the expected details for IP, port, and login info.

    I've installed the 9.80 Thoradia, are there any other dependencies I may be missing?

    What is the newest/latest nightly libreelec version that works with Thoradia addons, specifically transmission?

    I just tried out LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-10.0-nightly-20210321 (in attempt to get 4k HDR on my pi4) and it seems transmission is not compatible.

    I know it's not even in beta, but is there a timeline for support for LE 10?