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    LE10 beta is not yet supported.

    For me, the fan control still doesn't work as I set it to. I wrote to the support of argon40 again. With the price of this pi case, i can ask for everything to work ex works without having to spend hours of programming. I am very disappointed!

    please help me.

    hello, i still have very little linux script experience.

    i have had the argon case since libreelec 9.0.2.

    when i bought and installed it everything worked.

    now i have reinstalled my pi with le 9.2.6, have installed the script from the argon server and the fan control does not work.

    the fan can only be switched on / off again. I installed the 2 required addons.

    how the hell do i have to rewrite?

    sorry, google translated, iam de

    i replaced the terror-fan!

    in the link is the new one. it is much quieter and blows better.

    Sunon MF30100V2-1000U-A99

    I wrote to argon40 a year ago and asked to finally eliminate the error and finally adapt the available options to the Raspberry Pi OS!

    as expected, no answer. The inexperienced customer is left out in the rain. i keep reading about grilled pi`s because the control doesn't work.